You heard Ciara’s prayers, but what’s the secret to her glow?

Ciara She’s on a mission to inspire other young black girls and women to feel the same confidence she does. OAM (in mission), the “I Bet” songstress showcased five skincare products packed with vitamin C at the clinical skincare level. With cream ($35) and moisturizer ($43), OAM is specifically designed to give you back your life. Brightens all skin tones without the harmful effects of bleaching thanks to the active Tri-C Pro-Peptide Complex in all products.

“I’ve always said I’m an ambitious woman on a mission. In this case, I’m on a mission to create clinical skin care and make it easy.” Ciara I explained to ESSENCE. Previously, she confessed that she felt “overwhelmed” by the thought of skincare, from the products incorporated to the number of procedures required. “I used to use body lotion and body wash on my face before, but it just didn’t make sense,” she admitted.

As Ciara As she began to think about what On A Mission would look like and how it would help consumers, she decided to make it meaningful to her younger self and influence those new to the skin care game. aspired to give “I’m just starting to take into account all the things that are real and true to me. I was ready. I am on a mission to do them all,” she said with a gentle smile.

You finally heard Ciara's prayers, but what's the secret to her glow?

as if fashion week singer, mother, and wife ciara As revealed by Lita by Ciara, REVOLVE also launched an exclusive apparel collection. Neo nostalgia The collection was showcased during New York Fashion Week with immersive experiences, exhibitions and pop-up shops at REVOLVE galleries.

Ahead of the official launch, Essence catches up with the “Thinkin” Bout You” singer to learn about the beauty lessons she’s teaching her daughter, tips to level up her skincare routine, and how the entertainment industry is embracing her relationship with skincare. I talked about how I challenged

ESSENCE: When did you first start developing a deep personal relationship with your skin? What are your first skin care memories?

Ciara: “I’ll be honest. One of my first skincare memories is definitely doing a microderm. When I decided to get into this field and create skin care for myself and of course the world, I really started taking it. [seriously]Also, I wanted to keep it simple. I say, “Clinical-level skincare made simple, simple.” The back is numbered so you don’t have to overthink the process.

“I wanted to be compassionate about what we were doing. I’m clearly an entrepreneur, a mother, and I’m running non-stop, I don’t have time to think, I need to be able to get it done quickly. With all the thoughtfulness of people like me, every detail was important to me.

You finally heard Ciara's prayers, but what's the secret to her glow?

Everyone has been asking for Ciara’s prayers for a long time, but what is the secret to Ciara’s radiance? but what about you?

“Drinking water and taking care of your own business is definitely good for you, but I think drinking water is certainly game-changing. It’s a game changer to be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve gone from using regular lotion and body wash on my face to actually using clinical grade products on my skin and matching them. , day or night.

“I would say that working out for me is huge as well. I think that’s part of that wellness. It’s like wellness for your big picture. When you go to the gym, especially when you don’t feel like going.” feeds the soul in a special way.It’s always good to do what you don’t want to do, but what you have to do.You feel great.I feel like you can conquer the world.I’m spiritual. So I pray, I am a believer and praying can reset and bring calmness to the soul, mind and heart. Here are just a few things I can think of that I need in order to be myself and feel like my best self.

You finally heard Ciara's prayers, but what's the secret to her glow?

What are your thoughts on the evolution of the beauty industry in relation to black female representation?

We’ve come a long way. looked at the list and said, ‘Wait a minute, there aren’t that many of us. There aren’t that many women of color in the space of skincare lines. Also, I am very proud to be part of that small group.Hopefully more will come.Hopefully when my daughter sees me Heading, seeing potential, not just because I’m a mother, but because we share the same skin color, she sees herself in me so she sees it I am very proud of how great it is to be a clinical grade skin care line. And we have an amazing advisory board team of phenomenal women and are very proud to be doing it the right way.

What beauty tips and tricks are you teaching your daughter Sienna before she starts developing a more personal relationship with her skin?

“I think it’s important to have a routine. I’ve found that staying consistent with my skincare regimen through the skincare line is game-changing. Sometimes I think it really doesn’t work. As my makeup artist, Yolanda, always says, use eye cream, she told me, she was talking, but I wasn’t listening to her. I was listening, but I couldn’t hear her, and once I started committing to it, it was game-changing. I want to pass on my wisdom to my daughter. [fewer] More steps than I took to do some of what I did. Especially in this case, I would like you to take hygiene management and skin care seriously. It’s part of who we are and how people see and feel about you. It can be huge. It can have a huge impact on yourself and others. “

You finally heard Ciara's prayers, but what's the secret to her glow?

What advice would you give young Ciara about managing her skincare when she’s in entertainment, traveling, and playing around with different makeup?

“Make sure you wash your face at least once a day. You need to replenish, if your eyes are red you need to apply eye cream, these are the basics: listen to your skin and stop using body and face washes. not.”

What would you say to a young black girl who looks at you and says, “I want to be as confident and beautiful in my skin and my body as Ciara?”

“I want to say to all the beautiful black queens and princesses – we can call it a queen – taking care of yourself is one of the best things we can do.” Dedicate yourself to loving yourself, know that you are special, [and] We know we have a special sauce. Embrace that inner source. Pour out that sauce, pour it out, and be proud of yourself. I think it’s important to remember that you’re happy just to be awake every day. Being able to breathe is a blessing. Perspective is everything, but know that you are special and can do anything you set your mind to. You are not limited by skin color or gender. it is up to you. So go and get yours. that’s what i say.

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