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NoHo Arts music review of Yaya Diallo’s album “Kachii: Traditions to Traditions”.

a no ho art music reviews Song from Yaya Diallo’s album “Kachii: From Tradition to Tradition”.

Yaya Diallo is a Milanese musician and composer, author of the internationally renowned book “The Healing Drum”, traditional minianca music from southeastern Mali and more traditional western instruments. A mix of cello, violin, double bass, flute and African instruments. He uses djembe, talking drums, dunou and other percussion to create a unique and deeply moving spiritual sound.

The theme of this amazing album revolves around Coredjouga, a powerful figure in Miniankan culture. Coredjouga educates others through the irony of throwing away all substance in life and needing nothing. This is the heart of these gorgeous tunes.

Because inside out the clutter of life, the purest and simplest music, deliberately raw productions that give every instrument room a breathtakingly beautiful refrain, are their own unique selves.

These sounds are somehow intrinsically felt, and when you listen, every note played vibrates through your body, as familiar and profound as an old tale. In fact, its music is drawn from a lost and hidden repertoire, now rarely performed in the villages where it was created.

Yaya Diallo, now an Elder, believes it is essential to preserve this precious music through such recordings.

“This music belongs to humanity. My people say that when an old African dies, it’s like a library burning. If I could share the little things I got, I would be happy.” I want my grandchildren to play this music.” – Yaya Diallo

This album plays like a precious library of sounds. Drums, voices, strings, flutes, all come from deep within our collective memory. An ancient village of music and stories brings us all together if we just take the time to truly listen. A beautiful time capsule of healing sounds filled with love. Totally unbelievable…

Listen to “Win: Tradition to Tradition” on Bandcamp.

Listen on Soundcloud.

NoHo Arts music review of Yaya Diallo's album
NoHo Arts music review of Yaya Diallo’s album “Kachii: Traditions to Traditions”.


Yaya Diallo – balafon, djembe, talking drums

Jeanne-Sophie Baron – violin

Philli Zhou Gibbons – Cello

Freddy Speer – double bass

David Gossage – flute

Maria Perelin – vocals

Sarah Lenelik – Vocals

Producer Name: Yaya Diallo


Official website



band camp

sound cloud

youtube channel

Artist Contact Email Address: zyayadiallo@yahoo.com

https://nohoartsdistrict.com/yaya-diallos-kachii-traditions-to-traditions/ Yaya Diallo’s “Katsui: Tradition to Tradition” – NoHo Arts District

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