Writer Call the Amidwife hints that she “dare” to kill the characters

The author of the BBC One drama “Midwife Challenge” has hinted that he could kill the protagonist in the final of season 11 this weekend.

Fans of the long-running drama were horrified when Sister Julien (Jenny Aguterre) and Dr. Patrick Turner (Stephen McGann) were got into a horrible train crash.

The episode ended with both characters fainting – or perhaps worse – and their final fate was to be determined on Sunday night.

Thomas said Radio Times magazine: “The fact is that if there was a train crash near where you live, in the world of Call the Midwife, the two people you could count on to come and sort things out are Dr. Turner and Sister Julien. But if they are in the eyes of the storm, who will save them? “

While some fans did not believe in whether the writer Thomas would dare to write off two favorite characters from the show, she made it clear that she is completely open to this concept.

“I am a very brave woman,” she continued.

Although the dramatic rates of the show may never have been higher after this cool moment, some longtime viewers felt that the turn of the train crash was more reminiscent of the EastEnders story than the story Call a midwife.

Thomas explained that the change in tone was partly due to filming restrictions during COVID, which made the previous season a more “homey and intimate” production, but sparked a thirst for more “sophisticated” developments later.

She added: “As a playwright, I’m not attracted to the spectacular nature, but I know my“ Call the Midwife ”characters as well as the audience, so the idea of ​​taking people you’re very familiar with and putting them in an unfamiliar situation immediately creates a variety scenarios we don’t normally see ”.

Read the full version of the interview in the new issue of Radio Times this week – February 15.

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The midwife call will end on BBC One at 8pm on Sunday 20 February 2022. Check out more of our Drama reach or visit our Teleguide see what tonight.

Writer Call the Amidwife hints that she “dare” to kill the characters

Source link Writer Call the Amidwife hints that she “dare” to kill the characters

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