Wordle Today #484 Tips, Clues & Answers for Sunday 16th October

Here in the mountains of northern Arizona, the gray rain clouds moved en masse on Saturday, turning into a beautiful fall weather with a fair amount of drizzle. Gray and yellow are the colors of the weekend.

This is the kind of weather that makes you want to sit by the window staring out at nothing with a hot cup of coffee or tea, or curling up with a good book (or a puzzle or two) and a cozy blanket. Light the hearth, make soup on the stove, and bake bread in the oven. All the scents and flavors of autumn. Maybe a candle or two.

In other words, other than this awful cold, this is the best time of the year! I’m still hacking my lungs every few minutes and it’s been almost a week. I think this is all these seasons.

Shall we wardle?

Wordle Solution of the Day (Spoilers!)

Tips: Just Shoot Me! David

clue: There are no repeating letters in this word.


My guess is that getting skill ratings in the 90’s was rare, but today’s Wordle Bot felt generous.trial-Second guess is 96—shined—And on the third guess, the skill is 99, which is also correct――spade.

My luck, on the other hand, has been pretty hit or miss. My first guess left 400 possible solutions. But my second guess of him reduced it to 5. My third guess of him was pretty lucky, but it was also the first word I came up with. sauce Also space.

I split it into 3 parts. This was a draw with Wordle Bot. slate This day). So I pat myself on the back.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/10/15/wordle-today-484-hint-clues-and-answer-for-sunday-october-16th/ Wordle Today #484 Tips, Clues & Answers for Sunday 16th October

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