Wordle of the Day Word of the Day #472 Tuesday 4th October Answers, Tips & Clues

I generally live in a fairly dry climate. Monsoons occur that bring heavy rains at once, but usually clear up after a few hours. There are occasional heavy snowstorms, I’ve seen blowing 5 feet a few days ago, but usually after a few days it warms up and the snow melts quickly.

But yesterday I felt like I was in a completely different state. It rained all day long. Occasionally there will be a slight drizzle, and at other times approaching torrential rain levels. All day the sky was gray and it was raining.

This is very unusual behavior in the rain around here. Very rare. This is the northwest kind of rain. Irish rain.The gray days can honestly be counted all day Always on my finger Some days start gray and end sunny. Others start out sunny and end gray. But gray skies and rain all day long? It’s almost unheard of.

could probably have predicted Rainy Guess the Wordle opening today, or something like that storm But with something from the show I’m watching, it kind of turned out perfect.

Wordle Solutions Today

warning: Spoilers here, spoilers there, spoilers everywhere! be careful!

Tips: Deck the hall. . .

clue: This word has two vowels.


As you can see, House (like dragon house It’s getting better and better) It really narrowed down my choices.

I guessed touch At this point however, finally some tough Love was the way to go. This gave me two more green boxes. Another lucky choice!

But I was worried about all the options left. rough, fabric, When branch Everything seemed like a clear possibility. So I came up with a word that I knew wasn’t correct, but that would at least remove some starting letters and possibly give me the correct word as well.

Sure enough, “B” is green, branch-As in “Hall with holly branches”, this was the winning word!

try to learn to guess Rainy tomorrow. Will it rain like this tomorrow? You’ll know right away.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/10/03/todays-wordle-word-of-the-day-472-answer-hint-and-clues-for-tuesday-october-4th/ Wordle of the Day Word of the Day #472 Tuesday 4th October Answers, Tips & Clues

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