Wordle of the Day Word of the Day #452 Tips, Answers & Clues – Wednesday, September 14th

Today is Wednesday and it’s the middle of September. Honestly, it seems like the beginning of September was yesterday. Time ticks by, faster by the day, blurry by the day. I don’t think I have anything to do with Macbeth, who lamented his miserable days and said:

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Every day creeping at this trivial pace,

up to the last syllable of the recorded time.

And all our yesterdays lit fools

The road to dusty death. Out, out, short candle!

Life is just a walking shadow, poor player,

It spends time strutting on stage,

And no more is heard.it’s a fairy tale

A fool full of noise and fury said,

means nothing.

I love that play, probably more than any other Shakespearean tragedy. Hamlet, this is my favourite.

Macbeth, But it was actually my introduction to The Bard through comic books. I was very young then, but I can still vaguely understand the panels.

It is also the first stage. I auditioned for the first time in the first year of the second semester of high school (I missed the stage in the first semester) 12 angry jurors). Pretty early on, he played Banquo, a friend Macbeth murders. The best part, of course, is that he later returns as a ghost to scare the pants off a murderous Scottish lord.

It’s one of my favorite plays that I first got involved in in high school. Got some mains later, but I always preferred the smaller portions. Or maybe I didn’t really like the play in which I was the main character.

Another big Shakespearean role of mine was the comedy villain Don Jon. A ruckus from. In this, and many other things, I share a common experience with Keanu Reeves, who played the part in Kenneth Branagh’s 1993 film.

But enough about Shakespeare and the many ways Keanu Reeves and I basically look like twins. Let’s try World!

Wordle of the Day #452 Answers, Tips & Clues

warning: It’s more of a boilerplate, but think of this as your spoiler gate.

Tips: scabbler fair

clue: The first two letters of this word are not pronounced by reading.


This was a bit of a difficult word for several reasons. The “TH” word has a strange pronunciation, and you don’t often see English words that sound as long as the “I” with the “Y” centered like that. spike.

More common are very similar words that I’m sure many people stumble upon in Wordle today. rhyme. on first guess wash away, Removed the “R”.Indeed, if people persist crane They knock out the “R” and hook the green correct “E”. I think it’s a pretty good starting word!

From here, we’ve narrowed the 608 available options down to 11. light. Let there be light!

next we went together tearful Cross the remaining two vowels and ‘Y’ which is a hybrid vowel consonant (but mostly vowels in my opinion). This actually narrowed it down to just one, which I found surprisingly quickly, but at this point it was 4 letters, so all I had to do was juggle a bit and look up the rest of the alphabet until I came up with it. time.

I need more time! (Imagine a timed version of Wordle. That would be hard!)

then enjoy Simon & Garfunkel’s Sweet Folk Melodies,don’t you?

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/13/todays-wordle-word-of-the-day-452-hint-answer-and-clues—wednesday-september-14th/ Wordle of the Day Word of the Day #452 Tips, Answers & Clues – Wednesday, September 14th

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