Wordle of the Day Word of the Day #450 Tips, Answers, Clues — Monday, September 12th

Well it’s Monday. Also. I’ve spent another weekend on books and now have another week of work to do.

To be fair, I hardly distinguish between the two. I work every day, but not all day every day. Sometimes I work a lot more on weekends than I do on weekdays.

I believe that due to the pandemic, more and more people have found themselves in a similar situation. Work from home, set your own hours, and don’t have to commute (if at all). It’s staggering!

Play the game to get more time to solve your daily Wordle! . .

Word of the Day Answers, Hints and Clues

warning: As you can imagine, spoiler alert! You have been warned!

Tips: Over the past few years, everyone has consumed more of this.

clue: For the second day in a row, vowels outnumber consonants in this word.


Well, I’m sure this was the worst first guess ever. I don’t even remember getting one with over 1,000 possible solutions left, but here, out of 2,309, there are a whopping 1,661 left. Oh. This is what you get when you guess fake I suppose.

hoist I narrowed the field a lot, but I was still at 130. hoist is a great middle word.

But by far the best words were, and I know, what I know. foolish. All I could think of with the ‘O’ there was that I also got an ‘E’ that was supposed to be the second vowel. i was right Not only did you get it right, you reduced 130 to 1.

surely, Liquor Missed me for a while. Double ‘O’ and ‘Z’ can’t easily create a Wordle! victory!

Happy Monday, young Padawans!

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/11/todays-wordle-word-of-the-day-450-hint-answer-and-clues—monday-september-12th/ Wordle of the Day Word of the Day #450 Tips, Answers, Clues — Monday, September 12th

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