Wordle of the Day Word of the Day #449 Tips, Answers, Clues — Sunday, September 11th

Today is an eternally gloomy day. 9/11 was the day the two towers fell into one of the worst and most tragic terrorist attacks in history, sparking the Afghanistan War, the Patriot Act, and after his decade of 90s optimism, A new, more cynical era was born.

Twenty-one years later, it’s hard to even remember the time before the attack. I was only 20 years old when the tower fell. There was a brief flash of national unity before everything fell apart, and we found ourselves embroiled in not one but two wars in the Middle East.

By the end of George W. Bush’s second term, the world economy had collapsed after the inevitable housing bubble burst. The iPhone has sparked a new wave of social media and connectivity that impacts our lives both positively and negatively. The rise of social media has changed the way we interact with each other, but it’s not always for the better.

Politics is becoming increasingly divided, and the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent rapid inflation are making the world a tougher place than we thought on September 10, 2001. It’s a wonderful new world, folks.

But enough about that. Let’s do this Wordle.

Wordle of the Day #449 Answers, Tips & Clues

warning: These parts have spoilers. Hmmm! Oh!

Tips: skeleton dance

clue: There are more vowels than consonants in this word.


This was a pretty hard word, but thankfully I got pretty lucky on my third guess. knife Didn’t work very well, but after guessing quart The second guess had 3 yellow letters, leaving only 9 possible solutions from 252.

i have all the new characters quart In an attempt to eliminate as many as possible, the third guess used each letter we already had. tide I was luckier than I could have hoped for. TI At first it was green, but I’ve ruled out all options for ‘A’.

So now I started ringing the words. TI—something—A. actually thought tibia I didn’t think it was right, but really quickly. Little did I know that it was the only possible solution left.

The foot bones connect to the leg bones, and the leg bones connect to the knee bones. . .

Dear Wardlers, have a nice weekend.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/10/todays-wordle-word-of-the-day-449-hint-answer-and-clues—sunday-september-11th/ Wordle of the Day Word of the Day #449 Tips, Answers, Clues — Sunday, September 11th

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