Wordle of the Day #497 Tips, Clues & Answers for Saturday, October 29 Word of the Day

It’s finally the weekend! Haza!

The last weekend of October is the perfect time to put on your favorite costume and hit the town. Head to dimly lit taverns where vampires drink strong red wine and smoky lounges with lycanthropes.

Be a witch at a club or go to a pub with your mom.

Whatever you do, do it with flair and whimsy! Don’t ghost your friends in the process.

As you can see, I’m in the holiday mood right now, but I’m not typing this Wordle guide in fancy dress. Maybe I will do it tomorrow! (This year, I heard that Wordle Bot is dressing up like he’s R2-D2).

Alright, to Wordle!

Wordle solution of the day (spoiler alert!)

Tips: Slander!

clue: This word has double letters.


This is probably the luckiest first guess ever, but it didn’t split Wordle in two. Sadly.

Brain-It is probably “inflamed swelling and pain in the skin.” It was a word I tried after the first try. Blair (like The Blair Witch Project…Something creepy, dig up?) Blair It was not accepted, so I replaced the ‘R’ with a ‘D’, Voila! I have three yellow boxes. They were pretty weird too. “B” and “L” and “I”.my first impulse climb But “L” does not fit.

so i went out limbs And it gave me a green “L” and “I”.It wasn’t until I spoke up rib I thought another ‘L’ might come at the end of the word. slander Running Wordle Bot turned out to be the only solution. Brain I could only guess 3 out of 2,309 questions. The 3rd one limbs.

Thanks to some incredible luck, I beat the Wordle Bot today. He divided it into four parts:

Happy Weekend, Weekend Wardlers!

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/10/28/todays-wordle-497-hint-clues-and-answer-for-saturday-october-29th/ Wordle of the Day #497 Tips, Clues & Answers for Saturday, October 29 Word of the Day

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