Wordle of the Day #489 Tips, Clues & Answers for Friday October 21st Word of the Day

Dear Wordlers, October has been a pretty eventful month.I largely Though this lingering cough lingers over this damning cold. It’s frustrating and exhausting.

The highlight of October for me so far has been a fun outing with the kids. Saw the band Ripe play live Wednesday night. They have great sound and energy. They put on a great show with music that made you want to dance (unfortunately they were far from sold out, I think it was a Wednesday night).

The opening band was Windsor and they did a great job too. I had never heard of them, but I really dug into their sound.They did a great cover of Chris Isaac evil game, this is one of my favorite songs.

Either way, I love live music. This was he one of the many downsides of the pandemic. Unfortunately we shut everything down and lost a little bit of our humanity in the process.Thanks Apollo for being back again. Have you seen any good programs recently? Or theater? something live?if so please let me know twitter Also Facebook.

Let’s try this world!

Wordle Solution of the Day (Spoilers!)

Tips: On a trip to this location, Sublime said, “The inside of the van smelled like roux dogs.”

clue: This word ends in a vowel.


Gah, Five! Five!

This is bad. My rival, that bastard Wordle Bot, slate/groin land grove. I think he was cheating!

My first guess was, admittedly, not as good as his (giving Wordle Bot a green E). A whopping 389 potential words remained. Wow.

bits and pieces Not as much, but considerably narrowed the field between legs you would haveFrom here, instead of trying to fit what I had into the correct box, I probably should have guessed what had more potential characters in it. say that pivot This is not a bad idea.

Still, I doubled down on the non-strategy groping (Well, my words combined with those of Wordle Bot put us in questionable territory…). It hit me right away.

glove For victory! We took a trip to this garden grove. The inside of the van smelled like a roux dog. This is not a funky reggae party for him. $5 at the door. . .

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/10/20/todays-wordle-489-hint-clues-and-answer-for-friday-october-21st-word-of-the-day/ Wordle of the Day #489 Tips, Clues & Answers for Friday October 21st Word of the Day

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