Wordle of the Day #485 Monday October 17th Answers, Tips & Clues Word of the Day

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow will creep in at this trivial pace. Wordless, wordless, wordless.

In high school, I was a theater person. I was involved in theater after school and after school, but none I liked as much as Shakespeare. First time playing Macbeth, I got the role of Banquo. I also became a ghost, so it was doubly fun (Halloween idea: Banquo’s Ghost!).

In my second high school, in a Shakespearean play—fuss-I was cast as the villain Don Jon (Keanu Reeves played the same role in Kenneth Branagh’s film).

Then we quit Shakespeare (officially) so a few friends and I wore Summaries of the Complete Works of Shakespeare, It remains one of my favorite theater experiences. It’s a hilarious, maniacal rampage of every Shakespeare play that used audience participation to really great effect. If you have the opportunity to see this performance live, please jump on it. Very fun.

We did everything on our own time after school, without school credit. However, we managed to sell out some shows. I know it’s pretty silly, but it’s also the highlight of my high school years.

This was before cell phones, social media, and other distracting nonsense. Even video games back then were slightly less engrossing – I miss the ’90s.

Again, there was no such thing as an online writing gig where I could work from home and write about Wordle!

Wordle Solution of the Day (Spoilers!)

Tips: It is a convenient vessel for putting foamy beer.

clue: The vowels in this word are continuous.


This was a pretty lucky day for me. I don’t think I could have guessed the correct answer, especially if his first two guesses didn’t all match exactly.

Twice last night came to mind House of the Dragon. There are two characters, Eryk and Aryk Cargyll.i was thinking twins but chose against it Twice Instead, this was a smart ruse in hindsight.

This narrows it down to 33 choices and 3 yellow boxes. However, for Guess 2, I decided to use all new characters in hopes of subtracting the last two of him. Luckily, both the ‘S’ and ‘N’ fit in the green box, so I was able to place the first three letters in the middle of the rest.

At this point, there really was only one option left, and I forgot. Stein It can mean “large china beer mug” and is honestly associated with the ending of many Jewish names such as Goldstein and Bernstein.

But hey, whether it’s your last name or a mug of bubbly ale, it’s all good to me!

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/10/16/todays-wordle-485-answer-hint-and-clues-for-monday-october-17th/ Wordle of the Day #485 Monday October 17th Answers, Tips & Clues Word of the Day

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