Wordle of the Day #478 Monday October 10th Answers, Tips & Clues

Well, October is already a third of the way through. It’s been exactly three weeks since Halloween, and it’s a night of costumes, candy, and merrymaking. Halloween is also the 499th Worldle. Then the rest he is just over 1,800.about 5 more Year wordless.

(I originally miscalculated and thought #500 fell on Halloween, but it’s actually November 1st).

Then let’s see. The New York Times can either start over or change the game to words of up to six letters. This is something I hoped would come true at some point.

Six-letter Wordles is a little harder and drastically changes the nature of the game without creating new rules.

Anyway, let’s take a look at Wordle #478 today.

Wordle solution of the day (spoiler alert!)

Tips: to enjoy something

clue: This word begins with a vowel.


Dan, 5 guesses.I was very happy yesterday Wordle Bot got an answer in 5 tries, I got an answer in 3.Now the tables have turned. Wordle bot, use slategot the answer in 3, and diner As guess #2.

My first guess was 578 choices, but after following up it’s 10. quiet When 1 person. Unfortunately, 10 is still a lot, devil-You eliminated 8 possibilities, but you were still left with 2 and you chose the wrong one. envoy I felt right fun I have found the correct answer.

Not today!

Dear Wordlers, stay healthy! Have a nice Monday!

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/10/09/todays-wordle-478-answer-hint-and-clues-for-monday-october-10th/ Wordle of the Day #478 Monday October 10th Answers, Tips & Clues

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