Wordle has another new best starting word

Wordle Bot, the New York Times AI Wordle analyzer, can’t make up its mind.

Back in August, I wrote about how the Wordle Bot 2.0 update introduced new best starting words.. crane out slate It was our new top pick.

After a few weeks, I noticed a change. Wordle Bot is back in use crane Again, sure acknowledged by the New York Times: slate out crane It was our top pick again.

Now it looks like the Wordle bot is flip-flopping and using it again. slate again instead crane, I have thisnot officially announced. When trying to evaluate Wordle’s guess, Slate reappears.

Back and forth — The two seem very evenly matched, but both are good guesses (although the Wordle Bot another one Are better).

recently posted about Other Candidates for Best Wordle Starting WordsBoth Microsoft founder Bill Gates and MIT researchers have other top picks. MIT’s best words were 1% more effective than Wordle Bot, according to a university research team.

I still stick to my strategy: new words every day to keep my mind sharp.

What was your first guess or strategy? twitter Also Facebook.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/22/wordle-has-another-new-best-starting-word/ Wordle has another new best starting word

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