Woody Allen denies retirement reports in 50th movie ‘Wasp 22’

Prolific Hollywood filmmaker Woody Allen has made it clear that he will not retire after one of his remarks in an interview with a Spanish newspaper was misinterpreted as an Academy Award-winning director.

“My idea is, in principle, to make more films and not focus on writing,” said the filmmaker with La Vanguardia as he shot his 50th film in Europe. The director released a statement on Monday, September 19, after reports surfaced that he had announced his retirement from filmmaking.

A statement issued on his behalf reads: He loves the experience of cinema, so it’s not too much fun for him. Currently, he has no intention of retiring and is very excited to shoot his new film, his 50th, in Paris. .

This isn’t the first time the 86-year-old director named Alan Stewart Koenigsberg, born in New York in 1935, has expressed disinterest in the current process of filmmaking. During a live session on Instagram with actor Alec Baldwin in June, Woody said, “The thrill is almost gone. Told. not the same. Not so much fun for me. ”

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Speaking of his next feature, Wasp 22, Allen’s 50th film will be shot entirely in France in a matter of weeks. The upcoming film, described by the director himself as similar to his point in his 2005 classic His Match, is going to be “exciting, dramatic and deeply sinister.” says.

https://www.dnaindia.com/hollywood/report-woody-allen-denies-reports-of-retirement-after-his-50th-film-wasp-22-2986629 Woody Allen denies retirement reports in 50th movie ‘Wasp 22’

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