Will MeToo accuse Sajid Khan of learning to behave in public?

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#It seems me too They complained that Sajid Khan’s true nature was coming out again. As it happened, Salman Khan gave Gautam Vig to be the captain of the house on the condition that he would sacrifice his entire house ration. Initially Gautam refused to do so. But Salman Khan asked him to think about it, and then he agreed to the challenge. According to reports, Sajid Khan abused his Gautam and tried to beat him. Even his housemates were shocked to see Sajid’s reaction to Gautam’s decision. Sajid seems to have broken the glass.

Shame on you Sajid Khan, learn to behave yourself and remember that your body has enough reserves to go without food for long periods of time. Approximately 370 million people worldwide could not afford a healthy diet in 2016. Nearly one-third of this world’s population lives in India, her second most populous country in the world.

Besides physically and mentally abusing women, Sajid Khan has been known to humiliate people in public. Remember the 2009 Screen Awards feature where Sajid Khan insulted filmmaker Ashutosh Gowarikar under the guise of being humorous? Ashutosh Gowarikar won Best Film Award for ‘Jodha Akbar’. After accepting the award, director Ace blamed Sajid Khan, expressing how the latter’s jokes in his film insulted him, saying he was “deeply hurt” and “upset.” Felt. The filmmakers even told Sajid to “shut up” when he tried to speak. We thought this would probably teach him a lesson. He became a serial abuser.

on last night’s episode of big boss 16, saw Gautam Singh Vig become captain after sacrificing an entire house ration. House contestants blamed Gautam. Former contestant her Devoleena Bhattacharjee extended her support for Gautam and condemned Sajid Khan’s actions. She tweeted about why Sajid was not interrogated on state television for abusing Gautam and his mother.

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https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/bigg-boss-16-will-metoo-accused-sajid-khan-ever-learn-to-behave-in-public-11542801.html Will MeToo accuse Sajid Khan of learning to behave in public?

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