‘Wildflowers’ is a Twin Peaks-esque small-town murder mystery set in a high school

On October 6th, Public Radio Alliance’s renowned audio drama creator Terry Miles (Tanis, black tapes, Rabbitetc.) All 10 episodes of his latest mini-series have debuted wildflower About the mysterious death of a high school influencer. Unlike many of his previous works, this one has absolutely nothing to do with the supernatural and does not pretend to be an actual documentary as the actors involved are listed in the credits. While applying his formidable storytelling skills to small-town crime dramas, Miles uses many of the tricks he’s known for, including spiraling tales with dozens of moving parts and mysterious messages on the internet. are still using.

The setting is Wildflowers, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest, but this is a small hint that it could be related to other Miles-led series, stylistically following beat after beat, and as ever. If you haven’t heard his show, I’d describe it as a distorted wall of sound overdubbed with key audio clips from various moments in the series. This helps put a particular listening into his mindset and reminds him what the series is all about. About all provided tight, enduring music with a steady beat.

wildflower is an audible original, and perhaps because of its increased budget, it focuses more on the effects of grief and trauma on a small town, and uses more thematic music to create the mood.

‘The last year of school is weird,’ says high school student Sloane Shepard, actor trailer“It would be even stranger if one of my friends was murdered and her body was carelessly dumped under a bridge in a torrential downpour.” while making sharp remarks such as “Let’s face it, it’s destroying teenage girls.” ghost world Enid with detective prowess, though she believes she stands outside all the cliques in high school. Sherlock Holmes and endless curiosity. But can we really trust her when it comes to herself, her friend, and the town’s parents trying to solve the murder of local Instagram star Callie Davies? Not only does she know everything, but she seems to have found friends who can help her join the dark web. Will she be able to solve the mystery before her parents and the police? , will she reveal the dark underbelly of her small town Ara? Twin Peaks?

The majority of the audio is from Thrawn, but there’s a fair amount of Callie Davis in the revealed audio and video clips as the murdered star leads us on the mystery’s wild goose chase. As a listener, I was engrossed and didn’t ask too many questions.

Episodes 1-9 are solid, mysterious entertainment that builds and builds to a devastating climax. However, the number of twists and turns in the series prevented a neat end, leading to a 10-episode epilogue that eased a bit of the tension built up in my mind and ultimately prevented it from becoming an A+ series. I think you have to live with an “A” or 9/10 rating.

Wildflowers, an Audible Original that requires an Audible Premium Plus membership to hear, is another great win for Terry Miles and the Public Radio Alliance.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshuadudley/2022/10/31/wildflowers-is-a-twin-peaks-esque-small-town-murder-mystery-set-in-high-school/ ‘Wildflowers’ is a Twin Peaks-esque small-town murder mystery set in a high school

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