Why you should know the work of these African American Institute winners

African American Institute

for almost 70 years, African American Association (AAI) It has worked to increase global understanding of Africa and its diaspora, and to increase educational opportunities for African youth.

It was founded in Washington, DC by Dr. Horace Mann Bond, the first black president of the University of Lincoln, and William Leo Hansbury, an American university professor. Howard UniversityAAI promotes engagement between Africa and America through education, training and dialogue.

The organization’s programs include the STEM Scholarship Program, NAACP, Annual Awards Ceremony to celebrate Africa and its great contributions, as well as a school services program that provides a robust K-12 curriculum on Africa and its global diaspora global diaspora.

This year, the week of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, the AAI’s 38th Annual Awards Ceremony returned directly. The gala attracts many distinguished guests, including heads of state, diplomats, government officials, business and civil society leaders, academics and more.

“When the world gathers at UNGA, sometimes the only news about Africa and its global diaspora can be negative. So that achievements can be recognized and celebrated, which balances the big picture and encourages leaders who do a lot to set an example for others,” he said. said.

hosted by new york times Led by bestselling author, speaker, and podcast host Luvvie Ajayi Jones, and marketing executive, entrepreneur, and author Bozoma Saint John, this year’s awards program, titled ‘Africa in the World’, will take place on September 20. was held in

Learn more about this year’s winners and why you need to know more about them and their groundbreaking work.

https://www.essence.com/news/africa-america-institute-honorees/ Why you should know the work of these African American Institute winners

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