Why the comparison between the Kashmir File and Schindler’s List is incorrect

In a career of over 40 years, Steven Spielberg has directed 32 films. Among them are some of the greatest blockbusters of all time, such as: ET: extraterrestrial life, India Jones & Temple of Doom, chin When Jurassic ParkHe is widely regarded as the most influential and popular American filmmaker of all time.

None of Spielberg’s other classics schindler’s list. It’s by far the best Spielberg‘s most respected film. It’s rightfully on the top 10 lists of nearly every credible critic in the world.when the director made schindler’s list Little did he know that it would have limitless impact on the audience.did neither Vivek Agnihotri, for that matter. But that doesn’t make his film another Schindler’s list.

Filmed entirely in black and white (except for the haunting image of a Jewish girl’s red coat at 195 minutes) schindler’s listthe mother of all cinematic epics, is a stunning traumatic experience.

Vivek Agnihotriof kashmir file It’s too traumatic experience. But it’s not an uplifting movie. It internalizes the Holocaustian persecution of the Kashmir Pandits. But it doesn’t sublimate. Scenes such as a Kashmiri woman being cut in two by a saw can be viewed as “vulgar” because it directly depicts cultural violence. Agnihotri claims it actually happened. So was the cross. It doesn’t mean that we want to see Jesus’ hands or nails nailed down and crucified.

The question is, if there is no humanism in the plot, do filmmakers need to produce such quality in their films? Does the reenactment of crude violence have to be as crude as when it actually happened? Bhansali or Spielberg would say no. Film for them is a process of sublimation.

I don’t think Agnihotri intended to enlighten the experiences that the Kashmir Pandits went through. Genocide is not a cinematic experience for him. The only reason he made a film about the Kashmir genocide was because of medium reach. The film sparked a debate about the cultural cleansing of Kashmir that claimed thousands of lives.

Those who criticize the film for exaggerating the numbers miss the point. Not the number of people killed. It’s about the inhumanity that pits humans against humans.

no oskar schindler kashmir fileSchindler, a German, single-handedly saved nearly 1,000 Jews by employing them in his factories. Lambs do not appear among the butchers in Agnihotri’s film. kashmir file Not humanism. It’s about savagery.

of schindler’s listthere is a palpable sense of crisis in sequences where traumatized and panicked women are stripped for a mass shower. There is also a feeling that there is a hidden kinship relationship.

not like schindler’s list Hopeful every time I see it, kashmir file piss off the audience. This is what Agnihotri aimed at.I don’t think he intended to make another one schindler’s listNo one came to make another schindler’s listNot even Spielberg himself.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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