Why Reinis didn’t burn the vegetables when he had the chance

on last night’s episode of house of the dragon, The Greens, led by Otto Hightower and Queen Aricent, are on the move.

King Viserys dies, and within hours the Small Council plots to sideline Raenira and replace her with her half-brother Aegon. Aricent justifies this with Viserys’ delusional ramblings on his deathbed. Otto and the other conspirators have long plotted her succession behind her back to justify her deception because Viserys is a woman.

As luck would have it, nearly all members of Team Black were outside King’s Landing at the time of King’s death. Rhaenyra and Daemon have brought the children back to Dragonstone, but have yet to hear of the king’s death. Even with spies in the city, the Greens continue to cover up the king’s death, and it will take some time for the news to reach Dragonstone, and it will still be some time before Raenira shows any kind of reaction.

The only significant ally in the Red Keep at the time of Viserys’ death is his cousin, Princess Reinis, who was transferred to the Iron Throne years earlier. She is confined to her own quarters while her greens do her job.

(The only other loyal lord is killed. Lord Beasbury is killed by Sir Christon Cole during a meeting of the Small Council, and Lord Caswell is hanged after trying to escape to deliver her news. Sir Westerling, commander of the Kingsguard, pulls back his white cloak, but he appears to take no sides, so he can leave unhindered).

Queen Aricent approaches Reynis in her room and pleads with her to come to Team Black. After all, aside from her two dead children, what good has Raenira’s alliance with the demons done for her?But Reinis is unmoved. She tells Aricent that instead of true liberation, she’s just being manipulated by the men around her, creating a window in her prison cell.

This lets you know her support for Rhaenyra. Supporting at least my cousin’s daughter means supporting a woman, setting an important precedent. When she ascended the throne, the laws of her succession changed. Instead of honoring her eldest son and his offspring, her crown was presented to her second son’s eldest son. Rhaenyra who sits on the Iron Throne will, to some extent, correct the mistakes in Rhaenys’ minds.

So she’s willing to go when Eric Cargyle rescues her from her room and takes her out of the Red Keep. She also has her injured husband, Corlys Velaryon in mind. He has been a firm supporter of Rhaenyra and her sons. Her son Luke inherits the Driftmark and plans to become Lord of the Tides and marry Rainis’ granddaughter, Daemon’s daughter Reyna.

However, not everything goes according to plan and soon she finds herself among a horde of tiny people flocking to the Dragonpit for Aegon’s coronation. increase. She thought she must flee the city without her dragon Meleys, also known as the Red Queen. This swift and ferocious dragon is said to be much faster than Vhagar or Caraxes.

Once the coronation took place, Reynis sneaked into the Dragon’s Chamber below and rode the dragon, crashing through the floor in Aegon’s moment of triumph, scattering the small people and shocking the Greens on the pedestal.

At this point, Rhaenys has an entire secret society in front of him. In a word–Drakali—She could burn them into a smoke pile of fire, ash, and bones. She was able to end the coming civil war before it even started. I wondered if it wasn’t.

The answer is complicated. I will do my best to explain. There are several reasons why she all conspires to show her her mercy, and we’ll look at them one by one.

Why Rainies Don’t Burn Vegetables

Reinis is no cold-blooded killer. She comes from a peaceful generation. Her grandfather, King Jahaerys, ruled decades of peace in which most (but not all) disputes were resolved with diplomacy and words. Her cousin, King Viserys, also ruled peacetime for decades. His way was the solution. Reinis is cut from the same cloth and would hate to solve this problem by killing everyone before any other bloodshed.

she will be a kingslayer When relatives. As in our own medieval times, superstition is strong in Westeros. He is sanctified by the Septon and wears a crown. All of King’s Landing was there to see it. If Aegon kills her II, Reinis will become the Kingslayer and her and House Velarion’s reputation will be tarnished forever.

Even worse would be the title Kinslayer. Killing one’s family is the most cursed crime, and Reinis will get the blood of her nephews and nieces, Aricent, Otto Hightower, and more. Instead, they could face retributive justice. Even her allies will change their views on her after such an act, and she will make serious enemies in Oldtown, home of Hightower, and elsewhere. will be rejected.

The war has not yet started. There is no war at this point. Yes, we all know the Dragon’s Dance is coming, one of the bloodiest and most tragic times in Westerosi’s history. Words, not swords, are used to initiate this conflict. Alliances must be made (and broken) and the crows must fly. No blood has been shed and revenge has not yet been exacted. It’s not in Reynis’ nature or in his best interests to kill before the killing begins.

There are innocent people to consider. It’s easy to say “burn it all”, but we forget that this includes a young princess, Helena, who has done nothing wrong. Both were Aricent’s children, still youngsters, and had only joined their brothers on stage. But even if we could convict him of treason, his brother at this point is not.

Then there are septons to consider. Killing the septons would provoke anger among the followers and would certainly incite condemnation from the High Septon and the church. This can have long-lasting effects.

She’s known them all for years. This cannot be overstated. Reynith isn’t looking out for hordes of outsiders or Dothraki invading armies. She stares at many people she’s known since she was a baby. Even Aricent, she must have been a child when we first met. These are all people she has known all her life and killing them is no easy task, she imagines herself in this position. She clearly respects and loves Aricent. She must be Helena too. Perhaps for Eymond and Aegon too. As far as we know, she spent some quality time with Otto Hightower.

In fact, they were kin, friends, and aristocrats, and any violence against them would not only haunt her as a person, but would forever tarnish her reputation and the honor of the Velarion family. Even close allies would balk at such a move.

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