Why Mila Kunis Became Annoying Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Queen’

Mila Kunis When Ashton Kutcher The two strings are very connected.

The actress recently detailed how she spends her time in the shared office when they’re both working, including not being shy about talking to Ashton even when he’s busy.

“I’m the queen that haunts him all day. I’m the internet meme!” Mila said people“If he’s on Zoom, get up close and write down the question. For example, ‘Please pay attention to me.’ That’s the great thing about sharing an office. “

In addition to her close relationship with her husband, Mila also spoke about her close bond with their common children, their daughter. Wyatt8, son Dimitri6.

“Part of me wants to protect my child because he doesn’t know what’s possible,” Mira said. “And my daughter is very sensitive. charlie and the chocolate factory Together, she thought, “That boy is starving! Why don’t they feed him? ‘Child, you’re not ready to enter this world.'”

https://www.eonline.com/news/1356492/why-mila-kunis-crowned-herself-the-%22queen%22-of-annoying-ashton-kutcher?cmpid=rss-syndicate-genericrss-us-top_stories Why Mila Kunis Became Annoying Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Queen’

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