Why Keanu Reeves’ ‘Constantine’ sequel is a big risk

Francis Lawrence’s Constantine I saw it on February 18, 2005 during the crowded night of the AMC Burbank opening. hellblazer It’s a comic book and it doesn’t matter if Keanu Reeves is cast as a traditionally British, blonde, bisexual, supernatural detective. it was about leaving the girl Chain reaction Being a “name-confirmed in the trailer” co-star.She would win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar that year constant gardener. I was happy Constantine The first was a religious horror film, the second was a detective film, and the third was a superhero action film. The 121-minute fantasy barely had a big action scene with a finale premised on an antihero taking his own life to save the world.That climactic gambit would be hilariously repeated in Lawrence’s blockbuster I Am Legend 2.5 years later.

Every old movie has a rabid fan following, and every previous hit movie has been rearranged as a potential franchise. we look acquisition Constantine 2Yes, Keanu Reeves will be back with Lawrence. But of course, there’s a good distance between “deal reportedly shows movie” to “here’s the first trailer.” If this can move forward quickly, it will probably be right after Lawrence finishes his work. The Hunger Games: Songbird and Snake Ballad And Reeves closes out the publicity John Wick: Chapter 4It’s a big “if”. The deal was partly done because JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot needed something tangible to justify his $500 million tossed by Warner Bros. tend to think. You could also suggest that the studio produce a sequel to his cult comic book hit featuring his internet friendly movie star.

anyway, Constantine It was a good movie.reviewed with April 2020, and it almost held up. When there were enough movie stars and glossy high-concepts, it was a solid little hit. . Until Patty Jenkins earned her $821 million wonder woman In 2017, it was the highest-grossing DC superhero movie without Batman or Superman. Of all the DC movies heading into the summer of 2013 (man of steel), the third-biggest DC flick (behind Chris Nolan) dark Knight $1 billion each sequel) belonged to Zack Snyder 300$457 million in 2007. Constantine It wasn’t such a big hit that it brought Reeves back to the A-list during a (relatively) quiet period matrix revolutions (When Something’s Gotta Give) When John WickThat earnings certainly didn’t suggest a franchise.

Are Warner Bros. and Bad Robot looking to play a ‘legacy sequel’ card in their 19-year follow-up at the earliest? More than what Lionsgate will end up spending if budgets are kept very tight never john wick 4, I think it is worth a visit.But WB just took a $190 million bath on Lana Wachowski Matrix Resurrectionwhich (Covid and HBO Max variables aside) never broke out even though this generation’s media circles correctly anointed Reeves as the coolest guy. Put it down please. Halloween It became a blockbuster of $255 million, Terminator: Dark Fate In a $261 million disaster, one is $10 and the other is $185 million. Most (but not all) of the legacy sequel successes since 2015 (Creed, Scream, Halloween, Ghostbusters: Afterlife) was a reasonably budget film that didn’t have to break any records to make ends meet.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens When Top Gun: Maverick It was an expensive movie that skyrocketed to infinity ($2 billion in 2015) and beyond ($1.463 billion to date).Quasi-legacy sequels such as Jurassic World When Spider-Man: No Way Home (Some MCUs spiderman threequel, part spiderman 4 and some amazing spiderman 3) earned $1.67 billion and $1.91 billion. Unless you have a true 4-quadrant, all-encompassing blockbuster IP ( top gun In other words, mea culpa), you need to create something that appeals to people who don’t have an IP-specific interest. It should be cheap enough so that non-converted people don’t have to play it. Otherwise, blade runner 2049 It grossed $242 million at the box office in 2017, which is fine for an R-rated action-light 2.5-hour sci-fi drama, but its $155 million budget isn’t enough. See also doctor sleep, It made $72 million, but was on a budget of $45 million.

Constantine Not a class A character. The previous film made “only” $232 million worldwide, at a time when moviegoing hours in theaters were much more generous and films of its ilk were well below par for the course. did. In 2022, this character will be Matt Ryan (Constantine When Legend of tomorrow) and Jenna Coleman (Sandman). outside of John WickKeanu Reeves is not an A-level ass draw. matrix revival (Quality and subversive meta-commentary aside) proved last Christmas. DC Films’ notion of interconnectivity alone no longer has merit. Constantine than did bird of prey ($205 million) and Suicide Squad ($168 million) profit from connecting wonder woman ($821 million) and Aquaman ($1.148 billion). That’s not to say this potential/theoretical sequel is destined to burn in hell forever… but they’re definitely playing with fire.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/09/19/constantine-2-is-making-a-sequel-to-a-keanu-reeves-cult-hit-a-good-idea/ Why Keanu Reeves’ ‘Constantine’ sequel is a big risk

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