Whoopi Goldberg Says Nicki Minaj, Lizzo, Keke Palmer Should All Appear In Sisters Act 3

The EGOT winner, now 66, appeared on Charlamagne Tha God’s Comedy Central talk show Hell of a Week on Thursday to tease viewers about the possibility of Sister Act 3 and reveal the fantasy cast for the third edition. Did.

Invite them to join Keke Palmer. She said “I want you all in” and she said I want you all in. I want Lizzo to participate, and I want everyone to participate as well. What’s her name? Where can I find her? I’m interested in girls with breasts.Nicky [Minaj]I want Nicky to appear!

I absolutely want everyone, and I really need to have fun, so I want as many people as possible who are interested in having fun.

The debate sparked when Charlamagne, 44, referred to a recent Twitter post made by Palmer, 29. Goldberg and Bette Midler.

Thank you in the name of Jesus Christ to everyone who brought this manifestation into my life. She tweeted to The Walt Disney Company, “@WaltDisneyCo, this is what they asked for and I’m here to pass it on.

After it was announced that he would be starring in and producing a third Disney+ movie in 2020, along with co-producer Tyler Perry, Goldberg told Charlamagne that production on the film could begin soon. He said that there is

This is what is happening. …as she said. Realize that everything will take a very long time. However, the script should be in your hands by the end of this month at the latest. And I strongly hope that, together, we can achieve this sooner or later.

The Sister Act, in which Goldberg played the role of Deloris Van Cartier (later known as Sister Mary Clarence), was released in 1992 and saw her mobster boyfriend commit murder. Told the story of a lounge singer from Reno, Nevada.Entering a convent.

https://celebrityinsider.org/whoopi-goldberg-has-stated-that-nicki-minaj-lizzo-and-keke-palmer-should-all-be-in-sister-act-3-535131/ Whoopi Goldberg Says Nicki Minaj, Lizzo, Keke Palmer Should All Appear In Sisters Act 3

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