Who is Vijay Bars? The man who inspired Amitabha Bachchan in the lead role is Jhund

Amitabh Bachchan ready to play Vijay Barça, the man who started slum football in India, in his upcoming film Jhund. Director Manjule Award Thanks to Fendri and Sairata, Jhund is following a football coach from Nagpur who has decided to use sports as a means to empower those with fewer funds.

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Vijay appeared in the episode Aamir Khan received Satyameva Jayate and shared that while working as a sports teacher at Nagpur Hislop College in the early 2000s, he once spotted several children kicking on a broken bucket in the rain. He invited them to play football and they gladly accepted. In a speech to TEDx, Vijay said that shortly afterwards he noticed another group of children kicking around a tennis ball.

He soon gathered these children together at the playground and realized that while these children were on the field, they were away from the troubles of the world. In this way, he thought, he could actively contribute to building the future of the nation. “I realized that these kids were away from bad habits while they were playing on the field. What else can a teacher give? ” He said to Satyameva Jayata.

Thus began the path of Zopadpatti Football in 2002, which eventually became known as slum football. When his colleague asked why he named the league Zopadpatti Football, Vijay shared in his speech at TEDx: “I knew all the players came from life in Zopadpatti / slums and I have to work only on them, so I have to keep that name.” .

Soon after, the league grew. Now matches were held at the city and district levels. When an article in Dainik Bhaskar brought Vijay to the spotlight in 2003, his work became known to a wide audience. The Football League in the slums became a national phenomenon as coaches and children from all over the country wanted to contact it. In the early days, Vijay had no sponsors to fund his endeavors, and he used his own money. When his son, who lived in the United States, read an article about it in an American newspaper, he returned to help his father.

In the chat of 2018 with Indian Express, Leopard shared, “I’m a sports teacher. But I do not promote football. I promote development through football. “

Leopard shared that in 2007 the national slum football tournament was covered by the BBC. Andy Hooks, then director of the World Cup for the Homeless, invited Barça to Cape Town, South Africa. Vijay met here Nelson Mandela. “I received the greatest recognition for my work the day he raised his hand to me and said, ‘Son, you’re doing great,'” he shared.

Jhund hits theaters on March 4.

Who is Vijay Bars? The man who inspired Amitabha Bachchan in the lead role is Jhund

Source link Who is Vijay Bars? The man who inspired Amitabha Bachchan in the lead role is Jhund

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