Who is Oomai Rani, Guardian Angel of Arrumoji Varman in Ponniyin Selvan 1?

Spoilers for PS1 and PS2.

first part of ponyin selvan 1 It ended with a big cliffhanger. As Arrumoji Varman (Jayam Ravi) Fight Pandias and save Valavarayan Vantiyasevan (Curty), the ship sinks, drowning both our heroes. However, the title letters are clear. pony in selvan, saved at the end of the day. So the cliffhanger was not about whether the Raja Raja Chola survived or not, but about the person who jumped into the sea and saved him.

Those who have not read the book found an older version of the book and were intrigued. Aishwarya RaiEven before the climactic scene, the characters save the young prince and Varavalayan from Pandias by making a brave appearance riding an elephant. Arrumoji then reveals that he is called Omai Rani who has been his guardian angel since childhood.

The Myth Behind the Name Ponniyin Selvan

The reason behind the name “Pooniyin Selvan” also has something to do with Oomai Rani. During Arrumoji Varman’s childhood, when the royal family was sailing the River Covry, the prince fell into the river and was rescued by an unknown female figure. People begin to believe that it was Poni (aka Covry) himself who saved the Little Prince. Hence, he gets the name Ponyin Servan (son of Pony). However, it was later revealed through Arrumoji and Sundara Choran’s account that the unknown woman was Umai Rani.

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In the book, Oomai Rani’s character development takes place over several chapters, but is shortened to two scenes in the film. After Vallavarayan Vanthiyathevan and his Alwaarkadiyan meet his Arulmozhi Varman, the trio roam Sri Lanka and explore the country. Omai saves them from a collapsed building and another fatal accident in the meantime. Later on, it becomes clear to the reader that they were all Pandius’ assassination plots. Arumozhi reveals that Oomai saved him from similar dangers in the past.

Sundara Choran’s haunting secrets

Back in Thanjavur, Sundara Choran finally reveals his secret to his daughter Kundavai. Sundara, she says, fell in love with a beautiful Sri Lankan woman named Mandakini. The two live happily on a small island, but when the burden of running her kingdom falls on him, Sundara leaves her behind with her promise to return. do not keep their promises. Sundara laments to Kundavai that his past sins are the reason for the fall of the kingdom. He also reveals that Mandakini’s ghost continues to haunt him in his dreams, a major reason for his deteriorating health.

It doesn’t take an expert to connect the dots that Mandakini Devi is Oomai Rani. But why she loves Arrumoji Varman and resembles Pazuf Irayalani Nandini is her one of the many twists in the book. Read only if you want to know the biggest spoilers for Ponniyin Selvan.

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It is easy to speculate that Nandini is Mandakini Devi’s daughter because of their resemblance. But why did she worship Arrumoji her Varman and save him from all the troubles that surrounded him, because she ‘thinks’ of Ponyin Servan as her son! Mandakini Devi gives birth to two babies. One is Nandini Devi. Another baby, a boy, remains a mystery. She thinks Arurumoji is a boy, but the other baby is revealed to be Madhuranthakan (Rahman)! He is a prince who wants to succeed Sundara Chola to the throne. The similarities between Nandini and Madhuranthakan are hinted at in the book but not in the film. After all, the father of two kids makes up for another intriguing plot, so let’s at least figure out the mystery before her Ponniyin Selvan 2 releases in 2023.

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