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The Voice season 22 Start strong. Morgan Miles The performance is one of the notable blind auditions at the September 19th premiere. She wows her coach with a stunning performance of “Hallelujah.”

So who is Morgan Miles? We’ll learn more from her from how the coaches responded to her blind audition. Get to know Morgan with her five things below.

Morgan Miles during a blind audition. (NBC)

1. Morgan covering Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at a blind audition.

Gwen Stefani Spin her red chair first. Camila Cabello Continuing, she blocks Gwen. John Legend When Blake Shelton I also turn the chair. Morgan starts crying after her performance when she sees the coach standing for her. “It was exquisite. She’s one of the best blind auditions I’ve seen in quite some time,” John tells Morgan.

Gwen says it sounds like Morgan is “already on the Grammy stage.” Gwen is no longer running to catch Morgan, so she supports her husband!

2. Morgan lives in Nashville.

Morgan tells the coach that he is from Nashville, Tennessee. She has lived there for 16 years. Morgan is also a full-time touring her artist. She is from Pennsylvania.

3. Morgan released his debut album.

Morgan’s 9-track debut album treatment. of Biography on her official websiteshe explains that her debut album can lead you to Morgan’s “life stories she wrote over difficult circumstances.”

Morgan Miles
Morgan Miles is a Season 22 contestant on ‘The Voice’. (NBC)

4. Morgan has an affair with Blake.

Morgan has actually held several festivals for Blake in the past when he spoke to Coach after a blind audition.

5. Morgan faced difficulties.

Morgan worked as a nanny to the children of a woman who died of ALS. She lost her 33-year-old cousin to a brain tumor and her relatives inspired her debut her album. “I have faced many challenges and it has taken me a long time to overcome them emotionally and spiritually, but my mission in life, both musically and personally, is clearer than ever. became,” she writes on her website.

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