Who is Holly Scarfon? Scott Disick noticed with the look of Kylie Jenner

Longtime Kardashian fans are painfully aware of this Scott Disick will crave anyone.

His dating story tends to focus on barely legitimate models. Apparently, it could get even scarier.

He was recently spotted with Too hot to handle holly holly scarfon.

The world can’t help but notice that from certain angles the Netflix star is the image of Kylie Jenner. But who is she?

Scott Disick was noticed on Thursday, Feb. 24, hung out with a 23-year-old boy Too hot to handle galin.

The couple was outside of Nobu Malibu, Kardashian’s favorite residence (and, frankly, many other people).

It was six months after the self-proclaimed Lord broke up with Amelia Gray Hamlin. Did he find a new girlfriend?

Holly Scarfon is too hot to handle the promo

Holly appeared in the third season of the reality series Netflix “Too Hot To Handle”.

The whole premise of the show was related to physical relationships versus emotional ties.

As we can see from her photos, Holly certainly justified the title.

“Of course, I cared about money,” – admitted Holly after participating in the reality series.

She said she would have regretted it if she and Mngamezulu had not at least tried to make it work.

“I didn’t come for the money,” Holly said, “but I wanted to respect everyone around me.”

Holly also graduated from college.

She received her Bachelor of Psychology degree from the University of Colorado Boulder in July 2021.

(A must-see joke about whether she can finally help Scott figure it out)

Like many reality stars, virtually all of Scott’s exes and, frankly, almost everyone who has her looks, Holly was also involved in modeling.

She may not be an internationally recognized catwalk visitor, but she is represented by the Denver-based agency Donabaldwin.

Holly, of course, has an appearance – and we can’t help but notice that just seeing her with Scott can enhance her career.

Speaking of models who are Scott’s ex … Holly doesn’t just remind Kylie Jenner.

Take a look at this photo from her Instagram page.

Isn’t she like Amelia Hamlin? How she manages to be like Scott’s ex and as the youngest aunt of his children?

Scott Disick spent years in … some sort of mess.

Obviously, in 2017, during its alarming downward spiral, things were the worst.

It is reported that at the time friends were concerned about him, and not just because he was burying (“emotionally”) in every 19-year-old model he could find.

When Scott started dating Sophia Richie, despite the amazing age difference, things seemed better.

They had a really serious relationship that lasted for years.

Obviously, things did not work out. Scott moved on to another gorgeous 19-year-old girl with famous parents.

The affair with Amelia didn’t last as long as with Sofia, but they gave some reality-TV crossover.

Scott and this relationship arose Real housewives from Beverly Hills and in numerous interviews with Amelia’s parents, Lisa Reno and Harry Hamlin.

Of course, they did not try to control their adult daughter, but instead allowed it to pay off – for better or for worse.

However, Scott became a complete clown in 2021 when he bitterly wrote to Younes – another former Courtney – to drag her CCP with Travis Barker.

It wasn’t just pathetic – it showed how much he still held on to Courtney. Amelia dumped him.

Maybe Holly will have a different experience if they really meet. Or maybe not.

Who is Holly Scarfon? Scott Disick noticed with the look of Kylie Jenner

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