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season 19 bachelorette It ends with a three-hour finale on September 20, but the day before, one of the season’s two leads, Gabby Windyis embarking on another journey! The 31-year-old is a Season 31 contestant. dance with the stars, streamed on Disney Plus.Gabby partnered Val Chmerkowski Take a dance trip. Their partnership was announced on September 8th.

It’s stormy season bachelorette For Gabby, who appeared on the show with her best friend, Rachel RecchiaGabby ended two relationships During Fantasy Sweet Week (Johnny DeFilipo When Jason Alabaster), just leave her Erich Schwer left. The two said “I love you” to each other, but the show’s Sept. 13 episode ended by admitting that Eric wasn’t sure he was ready to get engaged.

Gabby Windy
Gabby Windey’s “DWTS” promotional photo. (Disney+)

Prior to the end of Gabby single journey and her beginning DWTS Journey, read more about her below!

1. Gabby was an NFL cheerleader.

Gabby was a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos from the 2016-2020 season. She won her 2021 Pop Her Warner Humanitarian Award. She became the first woman to earn the honor commonly given to NFL players. According to the organization, Gabby’s work as a nurse has cemented her as “a model representative for young student-athletes across the country.”

2. Gabby is dating three other men from Bachelor Nation.

Except for Clayton, who broke Gabby’s heart during Bachelor’s degree Season 26, Gabby has developed close relationships with other Bachelor stars. In college, Gabby dated Dean Anglat from Rachel Lindsay season of bachelorette“She was one of my main exes.” Confirmed by Dean October 2021. A producer called me and said, ‘Hey, I’m thinking of casting this person, what do you think of her? We know you dated 10 years ago. And I was like, ‘Oh, she’s amazing. I firmly believe in it.”

Gaby Windy Val Chmerkowski
Gabby and Val in the “DWTS” promotional photo. (Disney+)

Another of Gabby’s exes is Blake Horstman from Becca Kufrin Season. The pair had been dating for several months, according to Blake, who broke the news in October 2021. They were roommates,” he said. explained“I met Gabby long before I made an appearance. bacheloretteI would say maybe 2015 or 2016. We’ve been together a little bit, so I know her very well.

However, in January 2022, Gabby revealed that she knew Blake but said they never dated. “There were no paid drinks. No dinner paid. He’s definitely a friend of a friend. Not formal, no exclusivity. Again, that was really a long time ago.” ”

3. Gabby is a nurse.

Gabby works as an ICU nurse. She works at the University of Colorado Hospital. She was on the front lines of her COVID-19 pandemic. “We rely on each other, and that’s really the new normal kind of fasting,” she admitted in 2020. This involves evidence-based practice and a reassessment of how we do things. So we are used to change, but it is difficult. Of course, it is serious and varies because of the large number of people affected. “

4. Gabby is from Illinois.

Gabby was born in O’Fallon, Illinois. She has an older sister named Jazz.while she is Bachelor’s degree“As a kid, she was a really loving person physically, but then she flipped out and withheld love,” Gaby said. said. “I was like, ‘If my mother can stop loving me, why can’t anyone else?'” bacheloretteas well.

Gabby is very close to her dad who joined her hometown date upon Bachelor’s degree in a unique way. Her father’s girlfriend had been diagnosed with cancer prior to her filming, so he didn’t want to risk exposing her to her COVID-19 by participating in person.Her dad was able to attend her hometown date from afar, but he held out love actually-esque cue card.

5. Gabby is a dog mom.

Gabby is the proud mom of a Goldendoodle dog named Leonardo. She says joining Leonardo is “non-negotiable” as her future partner is on a “package deal”.

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