“When the Heart Calls” returns to the emotional ninth season

Where is the #heart? Hallmark classics are back, and things in the Valley of Hope are heating up!

The series tells the story of a single mother and schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher, who maneuver while living in the border town of Hope Valley.

Erin Krakow, who plays Thatcher in the show, has shed new faces and fuss in the city.

“The Valley of Hope is in full swing. A variety of new events are emerging in the city … new businesses are opening, new characters are joining us in the city. There is a lot of action going on and it will feel like a busy season premiere,” Krakow said. .

This new season, fans are especially looking forward to Elizabeth’s relationship with Lucas.

“We’re going to have a lot of cute scenes together … in which we can learn a little more about the novel. It’s a really wonderful section in Elizabeth’s life.”

The series also does not shy away from drama. Kevin McGarry, who plays officer Nathan Grant, spoke about the path of his character after he was heartbroken last season.

“There are new people in his life, he’s also trying to raise a niece, and he’s also trying to keep the city safe, so there may be a little chase after a bad guy or something,” McGarry said.

After nine seasons, the support of the fans is just as strong, and the cast could not be more grateful for their “cordiality”.

“We’re very lucky. It’s such a strong group of people who really love the show,” said Kayla Wallace.

When the heart calls The premiere will take place on Sunday, March 6, on Hallmark Channel.

“When the Heart Calls” returns to the emotional ninth season

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