When the British press wrote that Prince Charles was about to ‘forsake’ the Queen in favor of ‘spectacularly rich’ Gulshan Glover

Gulshan Glover became known as Bollywood’s ‘Badman’ after starring in several villainous roles in the 1980s and 1990s.Gulshan Glover is Bond villain in Casino Royale, However, the actor lost the role after an enthusiastic friend leaked the news to the press. he was spending time with Charles III.

In his memoir titled “Bad Man: An Autobiography,” Gulshan recalled being a guest of Prince Charles at the time at Clarence House in St. James’s Palace, London. Glover recalled that this was not his first meeting with the royal family, but that he was treated as a guest and sat in his personal study. “When I climbed the last flight of stairs, His Highness was waiting in the hallway. As the news was already in print and he seemed impressed, one of the royal family’s officials informed Gulshan of his casting. It was at the end of this meeting that I asked about

Gulshan remembers his first encounter with the Crown Prince at Highgrove House in Gloucestershire. The Sadhak 2 actor shared that the prince himself gave him a tour of the estate because it felt like he was with “a close friend, not the British royal family.” Charles contacts Gulshan The two formed a friendship when she shocked everyone by asking how to take a .

“As he was about to leave, HRH suddenly turned around and asked, ‘Hey, Gulshan, how can I get in touch with you?’ Luckily, during my frequent trips to Los Angeles, I had the press kit I usually hand out to Hollywood executives. In addition to relevant information, it also contained personal information such as addresses and phone numbers, which I had with me when I handed it to Prince,” he wrote.

The Hera Ferri actor said Prince Charles was reportedly having dinner with Queen Elizabeth II when he became the longest reigning monarch in 2015. The tabloids seem to have made rabid headlines about HRH, left their home doors open to Bollywood superstars, and dumped Queen Elizabeth II on Her Majesty’s big day,” he wrote.

“There was speculation in the press that the heir to the throne deliberately skipped the opportunity to host the ‘amazingly wealthy’ Gulshan Glover, who owned over 400 films.”

It is clear from Gulshan’s anecdote that he and Charles once had a close friendship, such that while visiting the Dumfries manor, the prince showed him around the manor. When Charles asked what he thought of the property, Gulshan said it would be perfect for a movie shoot. He shook his head deprecatingly and firmly said, “No shooting here.” But the prince smiles. “It’s all right for you, Gulshan,” he wrote.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/when-king-charles-ditched-the-queen-to-host-spectacularly-rich-gulshan-grover-8162006/ When the British press wrote that Prince Charles was about to ‘forsake’ the Queen in favor of ‘spectacularly rich’ Gulshan Glover

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