When Drew Barrymore was filming ET at age 7, she genuinely believed the creature was real

Drew Barrymore claims that when she starred in the blockbuster film ET Extraterrestrials when she was seven years old, she believed the extraterrestrials she played with her co-stars in the film were real.

In a preview of Monday’s edition of her eponymous talk show series, Barrymore, now 47, claims to talk to and care for the artificial doll that played her extraterrestrial co-star. In a conversation featuring Thomas, Robert McNaughton and Dee Wallace, she said she now considers ET to be a real entity.

I loved him in immeasurably deep and meaningful ways. I mean… what if that happens? She questioned the three before recalling, “Because I will go to him and bring him food.”

Released in 1982, Barrymore plays Gertie, a young girl who fears aliens at first, but falls in love with him throughout the story. Elliott Barrymore, who Thomas, now 51, portrayed in the film, was Barrymore’s brother.

Throughout the film, the kids sneak ET into their family’s home in suburban California. But when the government discovers their deception and tries to remove the aliens from their property, the children are forced into exciting and dangerous situations.

Thomas reveals to Barrymore and his co-stars that the first thing he remembered from the set was that the young actress asked for a scarf around E.T.’s neck because he was worried that E.T. Barrymore and his co-stars laughed when Thomas told them about the incident.

Meanwhile, 73-year-old Wallace took on the role of the family matriarch and recalled another story about a young Barrymore and her friend who worked on the scene.

She recounted how they discovered them in a chat with ET, and how she informed director Steven Spielberg of their discovery. assigned to care.

https://celebrityinsider.org/when-drew-barrymore-was-7-and-filming-e-t-she-genuinely-believed-the-creature-to-be-real-536015/ When Drew Barrymore was filming ET at age 7, she genuinely believed the creature was real

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