What you need to know about Hulu’s ‘Hellraiser’

With the rave reviews and release at the beginning of the month of Halloween, it seems like there was a lot of anticipation. hellraiser.

Director David Bruckner is in charge of helming this new interpretation of hellscape unleashed by creator Clive Barker. Hellbound HeartThe franchise’s eleventh film is a true return to form for the franchise. Here, an addict called Riley, played by Odessa Azion, stumbles across an iconic ancient puzzle his box and accidentally releases Jamie Clayton’s Pinhead, aka Hell, a legion of sadistic sentries led by Priest. .

of hellraiser Cast and crew gather for an invitation-only press conference to share their thoughts and experiences of being part of such an iconic IP and why their nightmarish vision means so much to so many Did. Here are some highlights from Bruckner, Clayton, A’zion, co-stars his Drew Starkey, Goran Visnjic, Hiam Abbass and producer him Keith Levine.

rethink hellraiser

David Bruckner: this is new hellraiser Talk. Not necessarily a remake of the original film. It’s pretty reminiscent of them, but it’s the story of Riley, played by Odessa, who discovers a box and opens it, and all hell breaks loose. hellraiser It was my first time working with Sacred IP, and I felt very touched, feeling responsible for what happened before us. It’s a complicated task to get right, so kudos to all the filmmakers who came before us while they were actually making one of these movies and appreciated it as much as they could. represents We also have a responsibility to let it take us in a different direction if we lose ourselves in this and are forced to stay true to the story we are telling. Once you’ve landed on the ground on the other side of the world and invented these things, nature takes you somewhere and you can continue to ride. It was a balance between trusting it and appreciating what came before us.

relationship with the cast hellraiser Personal

Goran Visnjic: I had my first four VHS tapes when I was a teenager hellraiserAvailable at your local video store. Within a few nights my friend and I saw them all. Number 4 has always been my favourite, as I am a sci-fi fan of his. It was happening on the space station. It had a big impact on me, so when I wrote this script, I thought, “I see, this is interesting.”

Hiam Abbas: I’m going to disappoint you, but I didn’t know anything. Growing up in a place where everything was scary anyway, no horror movie would have gotten my way. If I were to get away with a movie, I would choose something easier psychologically. He really wanted to do it as an actor, and just a month before this happened, he told his agent, “I want to do a horror movie.” A month later I received an offer. That was the intention, right?

Odessa Azion: was always familiar hellraiser, But I didn’t grow up watching them. I started looking at them and when I booked this I really started looking at them.Speaking of favorites, my favorite might be her second favorite. I watched it again last night as I wanted to re-prepare myself. While our films have many differences, they also have many similarities that make them feel like the second film.

Drew Starkey: My parents are big movie buffs and my mom worked in a video store in the mid 80’s and early 90’s. She was a big horror fan hellraiser She always said, “Stay away from it.” Stay away from there. As an act of rebellion, my brother and I saw it at a young age. I always thought of it around Halloween, but it’s deeply rooted in pop culture and our own experiences. I think we all had the chance to revisit and dive in thanks to David Bruckner. had a very good time.

Jamie Clayton: When I was a kid, I was a scared cat. I got into horror in my twenties and had a moment when I was obsessed with something like Takashi Miike. audition and the Friday the 13th movie.I never actually saw it hellraiserSo I watched it the night before my audition to get a feel for it and was like, ‘Oh, why didn’t I see this sooner? There are so many layers and nuances, so much is implied, but so much charm and so sexy.

What attracted David Bruckner hellraiser

David Bruckner: In high school, I had a friend who was kind of a gateway drug to horror. I couldn’t handle those movies. he forced me to look at things, hellraiser I still couldn’t access it. It was too much. It wasn’t just the gore and atmosphere, but perhaps the underlying theme as well. Like the idea that there is a fate worse than death and that you will suffer forever. Then I go home and think about it, and I can’t sleep. I am stuck in a thought loop. Towards the end of high school, entering college, I think I dug a little bit. hellraiser It was too complicated for me. It’s different every time I see it, and over time it’s become this revered and inaccessible icon of the horror genre that I think, like many of its fans, really have to learn to understand. , it was an honor and privilege to have the team reinstated as part of the team.just got to make hellraiser Film is something I never thought I would be able to do.

Create a new pinhead

Jamie Clayton: I tried to do my own unique thing. David and I had so many zooms and discussions about what the body would look like, what the head would look like, and what stillness would incorporate. It was all about conversations with David about his thoughts on taking it. I hope it’s something really unique. Doug Bradley is a great guy, but I didn’t want to be compared and I was like, ‘Oh, she took it away from him. She’s doing what he did. I think another reason I think it’s to ease the burden of that comparison, it’s brand new, Doug was great and nobody could do it like him.

Who are the creators who contributed to the LGBTQ+ representation of the series?

David Bruckner: that was what we talked about. From the beginning, Keith and I, writers Ben Collins, Luke Piotrovsky, and the studio’s Spyglass understood that it was very much present and part of the identity of the original franchise. We wanted to make sure it was the right one, both thematically and phrasing, which was exciting. I was. It was something everyone was behind from the beginning.

Processing Hellraiser Visceral Images

David Bruckner: When you’re doing sex or violence in a movie, you’re always delving into things that affect people, so I think those are powerful expressions of cinema. If you’re trying to inspire an audience or evoke something that’s an image that sticks with you, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. I think a lot of it was not just the spirit of the franchise and finding the right flavor for us, but also the story getting us there. In the original film, the plot is oriented towards the sexual aspect. hellraiserStill, I think we found some interesting connective tissue in this, especially as it somehow relates to addiction and all forms of addiction.

Keith Levine: I didn’t want it to be unfair, like sex or violence. I wanted to treat both like art whenever we did it. Even if you’re staying longer than you think it is, it’s not because we’re trying to be gratuitous. I was also very conscious of that because in the society we live in now, neither of us would want to see them pushed to the brink for no reason. Everything we did was very careful, and I think we had a lot of discussion in editing to find the right balance for everything.

The Uniqueness of Horror by Author Clive Barker

Jamie Clayton: Clive is gay and has a really honest, unique and very sexy approach. write what you knowhe wrote Hellbound Heart From my experience going to BDSM clubs in New York in the 70’s. He’s not afraid, and that’s what makes it different. Don’t just chop them up to chop them up. There are all these layers, ideas, things you can dig into. You catch them or you don’t, you relate to them or you don’t, but they are there and I think that’s what makes Clive’s ideas really special. What he wrote and Hellraiser has a sexiness that no other horror franchise has.

hellraiser Distribution starts on Hulu from Friday, October 7, 2022

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