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Cardi B and the city ​​girlsJT It all started when JT, 30, half of the Florida-based duo, congratulated the rapper on Monday night, both publicly and in each other’s DMs. . Glorilla She collaborated with the 29-year-old on her song “Tomorrow 2,” which debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Bodak Yellow” hit maker. “Congratulations, Glo&stream FNF remix AND QUEENMIX” murmured In response to someone who thought she would be grumbling about someone else’s success.

When she was called for not including Cardi in her congratulatory message, she said murmured She couldn’t fit Cardi’s name into the character limit. I’ve been ignoring you guys but you guys are so annoying.Move around and get off my D. Thanks K!” she wrote. Meanwhile, Cardi was celebrating alone, Tweet“COOOUUUUSIIIINNNNN We made the Top 10 @GloTheofficial!!!!!” Tweet From Chart Data, which noted that Cardi has had a Top 10 entry on the Hot 100 chart every year since 2017. “And my record lives in the Top 10,” she exclaimed.

Cardi B JT feud
Cardi B and JT stepped it up on Twitter on Oct. 3, 2022 (Photo: Sachin Jethwa/Shutterstock)

But things took a turn for the worse after Cardi tweeted seemingly randomly “Lap Dog”. JT posted several tweets in a row, apparently assuming the tweets were about her. say it“All you have to do is be HAPPY. That’s enough to piss off the mf.” I have writtenfollowed by “I hope you don’t think you’re a bully!!!” “Wiener dog!”

The New York Native tweeted a seemingly mild “Go fetch” following JT’s series of tweets, prompting JT to reply directly to Cardi. “Cardi, you bring a real talent! Why are you coming back here and putting on a show for these kids?” she added along with Cardi’s “Go fetch” tweet. writing, revealing that the rapper is already dealing with the drama in a personal message.

Cardi quickly struck back, insulting JT’s talent. Call me a kid or a wiener and throw a shot…why are you doing stupid things and you talking about talent?! Did you forget you tried to pull?” She condemnedIn a subsequent tweet, she said Added“Actually, I haven’t even done this on my timeline! I’m really repeating dog treats. I’ve already addressed it in my DMs. Goodbye Jarl”.

JT shot back claim Cardi is someone who needs help writing her music, including her 2019 collaboration “Twerk.” Declared“No, you didn’t want our writing!!! You obviously have nothing about our sound hooks! Question any writer! Write —t!!! You know this.” Of course, Cardi refuted the statement with her my version On how things happened, she declared that she needed help because her City Girls track wasn’t making any money. I shared a screenshot of the play count for the ‘Twerk’ collaboration, which has been played 10,000 times.

The duo exchanged more insults, with Cardi calling JT an “opportunist” and JT saying she Am not interested Because she is more than that.You could almost feel her through the screen as she rolled her eyes at that tweet.Cardi also played with JT’s ego say it She hasn’t had a hit since 2019’s “Act Up.” JT too wondered The last time Cardi hit it was when things calmed down between the two and they ended up strengthening with direct messages.

JT ended the night by expressing how proud he’s come this far in his career through a series of tweets. “I wish the charts didn’t make me feel like a star! Never hurt me there or ask for extra chicken every Thursday,” she said. murmuredIn her third tweet, she said Conclusion“So don’t talk to me about no charts! None of YALL! I’ve been in a room with top-notch writers, but tell them, idiots the same writers who drag out female rappers right off the bat.” Then I said, oh, I wrote this and that! This is really embarrassing and sad.”

Cardi, meanwhile, capped off a dramatic evening Simple, “Catch up with cardio…..yeah, I know”.Her tweet was just a week ago when she said Yet another rapper and feudOnly time will tell if Cardi will join Twitter’s boxing ring for the third time in a row next week.

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