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  • Fai Khadra appeared on the Oct. 13 episode of The Kardashian Family to begin her house-flipping adventure with Kendall Jenner.
  • He’s been romantically involved with the KarJenner family in the past, but they’re just best friends.
  • He is a singer and model who has many famous friends besides the KarJenners.

Phi Khadra For years, she’s popped up on outings and on Instagram with the Kardashian and Jenner sisters. Kendall Jenner Or a latte outing courtney kardashian, Fai is always by your side.on the October 13 episode of kardashian family, He was seen working with Kendall on a house flipping project. The two of them checked out real estate together, trying to find the perfect property to start their new venture.

Phi Kadra Kendall Jenner
Fai Khadra will support Kendall Jenner at the 818 event. (Sophie Sahara/Mega)

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Fai with the KarJenners on TV.

1. Did Fai Khadra date Kardashian?

Fai is Kendall, Courtney and even kylie jenner In the past, he has never actually dated any member of the Kardashian family. In 2018, fans thought Fai and Kourtney were an item when they were pictured together clutching a matcha latte after they broke up. Younes BenjimaBut the outing turned out to be just friendly.Kendall, on the other hand, seems to be spending the most one-on-one time I’m with Fai, but they’re still just friends.two people participate Justin Bieber When Hailey Bieber’s Married together in 2018, Kendall revealed their relationship status Instagram photo together. “We’re not dating. He’s my date.”

2. Why is Fai Khadra rich?

Fai’s father is an art collector and her mother owns a luxury boutique called The Art of Living. In addition to coming from his family’s money, Fai has also had a career of his own, landing him among the KarJenners and other famous faces.Fai is a pop singer and model of Palestinian descent.

3. Fai has a famous younger brother

Fai’s younger brother is a twin, Sama Khadra When haya khadraTogether they make up the DJ duo SimiHaze. The women have gained quite a following over the last few years. Not only are they DJs, they are also fashion icons. instagram followersSimi and Haze moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to attend the University of Southern California and began their DJ careers shortly thereafter. The twins are also close friends with the Karjenner sisters.Simi also made headlines for being romantically linked The Weekend In 2022, although the relationship has not been confirmed.

phi kadora kim kardashian
Go out with Kim Kardashian. (splash news)

4. Fai has many famous friends

In addition to KarJenners, Fai has also been spotted hanging out with stars like Jordyn Woods, Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid more.Phi’s Instagram The feed is mostly solo shots of himself, and he’s been seen on numerous occasions with this crew of famous faces in paparazzi photos.

5. Who did Fai Khadra date?

Fai had a romantic relationship with a Victoria’s Secret model Devon WindsorThe two reportedly dated for about a year before breaking up.Rumor has it that they were dating Leonardo DiCaprio’s Yuan, Camila MorroneAt one point he was even in a rumored relationship with Jordyn, but that has not been confirmed.

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