What happened to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Tonight, the Cleveland Cavaliers will face the 10-win Milwaukee Bucks and look to break their four-game losing streak. The Cavaliers started the season with a loss to the Toronto Raptors, but went on an eight-game winning streak after losing to the Los Angeles Clippers and quickly spiraling out of control.

With the Cavaliers facing the No. 2 team in the Eastern Conference, they have to bring some energy to a defense that previously didn’t matter, but Cleveland’s defense has been below average lately.

Now with Cavaliers All-Star center Jarrett Allen missing a game for the Bucks with illness and a sore ankle, the defense has been even more intense as they try to fill the void left by Jarrett not playing. must result in Head of his coach JB Bickerstaff’s main goal on Tuesday was to show that the team has been declining defensively since his first nine games.

defense needs to be strengthened

“We need to improve our defense,” Bickerstaff said sharply after Tuesday’s practice on the Cleveland Clinic Court. “There’s no question about it. In his four games, we didn’t defend and the team made us pay.” according to cleveland.com.

Defense isn’t the only issue, as the Cavaliers overall struggled in the fourth quarter. This is a team that should have learned how to close out their games last year, but here they had some collapses early in the season in the fourth quarter that led to embarrassing losses.

Many so-called fans were quick to blame point guard Darius Garland for struggling in the second half of the loss, but after his 51-point performance scoring 27 points in the fourth quarter, it was considered over. increase. Minnesota Timberwolves.

Donovan comeback?

Rumor has it that Donovan Mitchell will be back tonight as he is listed as suspect, a game-time decision that could give the Cavaliers a spark and remind them of who they are and what they play for. is likely to become

This is a good Cavaliers team playing for each other at their best and playing to win. The season is still very young, so there’s no reason for a major freakout right now, but if something doesn’t change, soon the Cavaliers will be playing catch-up for the rest of his NBA season. The Bucks Cavaliers will tip off at Bally Sports Ohio at 8pm ET.

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