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  • Connie Britton is an Emmy-nominated actress who has worked on some of the biggest shows
  • She married her college sweetheart, but the marriage lasted only four years.
  • Connie keeps her love life under wraps and is a single mother

Connie Britton55, is a five-time Emmy-nominated actress who rose to fame in the late 1990s for playing Nicky Faber on the hit television series. spin cityShe also acted notably West Wing Before appearing on NBC’s hit series friday night lightsBut when her career took off, she was going through a divorce.Connie married an investment banker John Britton He rarely speaks publicly about his marriage. Read on to learn more about John Britton and about Connie’s relationship status today.

connie britton red carpet
Connie Britton has been married once in her life (Photo: Shutterstock)

What Happened to John Britton?

John Britton and Connie met while students at the prestigious Dartmouth College and married in 1991. Little is known about her marriage because she broke up just when Connie was making a name for herself in Hollywood. However, in a 2009 interview, she revealed that divorce in her 20s was a difficult transition.

“I got married at 24. Looking back, I feel young,” she said red book After being asked about her early adulthood “highlights”.McMullen BrothersI had a lot of fun shooting that movie. And I was able to win the Sundance Film Festival. That big break moment is instinctive. Once in ten years, maybe once in a lifetime. “

When asked about the “downside” of her 20s, she said:divorce is difficult. I was about 29 when her husband and I broke up. We were young and childless, so I probably got along better than most, but divorce is hard.

Due to John’s lack of public attention, very little information is known about him. however, LinkedIn He attended Dartmouth College and graduated in 1989. His name page shows that he is a former portfolio manager at Select Equity Group. Profile link is website It showcases different types of artwork and describes John as a “painter, sculptor and musician.”

Connie Britton becomes a single mother

After the divorce, Connie continued to work as an actress and never remarried. I opened my heart when I was white lotus The star adopted a son, Eyobspoke about the decision in 2011 when she was nine months old from Ethiopia. Watch What Happens Live In 2021. Andy Cohen.

“And the truth is, both of my parents had been dead for less than three years, and suddenly I was like, ‘Oh no. My family is gone,'” she explained. has a twin sister, but it’s been a huge loss, she’s lost her parents, and I was never in a relationship that could have been a marriage relationship, so “what am I?” I know you want to adopt. I can do this,” she added with a laugh. is.”

Who is Connie dating?

with Connie Britton
Connie Britton and David E. Windsor were spotted lounging in October 2021 (Photo: Shutterstock)

of the luckiest girl alive The actress was spotted holding hands and kissing this is us writer and producer David E. Windsor In October 2021, daily mailIt is unknown when it became an item, and it is unknown whether it still exists.

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