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Shefali Shah has appeared in titles like Jalsa, Darlings, Delhi Crime Season 2 this year, and is currently gearing up for Doctor G.

it’s like Shefali Shah It really doesn’t stop this year. She has always won hearts with back-to-back top-notch performances in series like humanJalsa, darlingsand now delhi crime 2A true hub of talent, Shefari has always made her name shine around the world and this time she won the Alberto Sordi Family Award.

Shefali Shah

A name that has always proven her mettle on screen with chartbusting performances, Shefari has received all the love from audiences, while she’s also made a name for herself on the prestigious platform. This time the actress received the Alberto Sordi Family Award, a recognition given to figures of Italian culture who are close to the idea of ​​the famous Roman actor. Winner of the Soldi Family Award. This prestigious award was established in 2017 by the will of the actor’s family, represented by Alberto’s cousin, journalist and RAI radio and television presenter Igor Righetti.

Shefari Shah with the Alberto Sordi Family Award

Shefari Shah at the Alberto Sordi Family Awards

She took to social media to share many photos of herself wearing beautiful sarees and holding awards. she wrote: A legendary and iconic actor in Italian cinema, the Alberto Sordi Award honors creators around the world including Colin Firth, Helen Mirren, Robert Moresco, Gina Lollobrigida, Mark Strong, Matt Dillon and director Andrei Konchalovski . Legend won. Among this year’s winners is myself… What can I say, except I am shocked and extremely humbled and grateful.

Prior to this, Shefari also appeared at the 2022 Indian Film Festival in Melbourne with “Jalsa‘. Looking at this, it looks like she’s still shining her brilliance this year with a flawless performance.In her exclusive interview with , she talks about winning that award for a film that also starred Vidya Balan, Shefari first post“I’m proud Jalsa We are so happy and excited that all the love and passion we put into it has been translated. “Well, I don’t mean it. But what works for me is my instinct, and I feel every part of the characters I play. “

In another interview with Firstpost, he said: delhi crime season 2, Shah revealed: She’s flawed and hesitant, but she doesn’t hesitate to apologize and try to make it right.There weren’t many twists and turns in Season 1, and morals didn’t waver in her compass. Now she is questioning many things around her. She can’t help but wonder if she’s doing the right thing or if she’s jumping to conclusions too quickly. And finally, who is to blame for what goes wrong? “

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