Wendy Williams pleases fans with the latest photos

Wendy Williams delighted her fans and followers with the latest photos in which she looks good and happy. Check them out below.

Lately, Wendy has been frequently heard in the news. From not yet returning to her show, and from a court battle with Wells Fargo, the 57-year-old girl has become an online chat.

The Shade Room said: “Although it has become a trendy topic, Wendy is still smiling. On Sunday night, TSR exclusively received photos showing a vet talking show spending time with family and enjoying the festivities, sources said.

As previously reported, “During this break in the show, Wendy hired holistic health professionals to help her achieve optimal health while treating Graves’ disease.”

Someone said, “One thing about her is that she went in honey shorts,” and another follower said, “What happens when you talk about everyone.”

The follower posted this: “I know Kevin is not the pin behind.”

Another commenter said: “If she’s really sick, hopefully she gets the help and support she needs .. Say what you want, Wendy is iconic .. There’s absolutely NO1 that can do what she does “.

Someone else said, “Maybe you don’t like her, but praying for her is not a shame.”

It just turned out that the lawyer with Wendy Williams decided to speak. Check out what he said below.

The Shade Room notes: “Earlier this month #WellsFargo claimed that #WendyWillams needed a guardian to take care of its financial affairs. Now the host of the talk show veteran has made his own statement. “

“According to a statement from her lawyer, Lashon Thomas, an esquire obtained by the TSR, Wendy” strongly denies all allegations of her mental health and well-being. “

TSR continued and said: “The statement further states that Wales Fargo refuses to comply with the power of attorney, which is her son. “Wales Fargo has refused to fulfill its power of attorney by giving its son the authority to make inquiries to the bank on behalf of Wendy.”

Wendy Williams pleases fans with the latest photos

Source link Wendy Williams pleases fans with the latest photos

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