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[NoHo Arts District, CA] – Welcome to our newest brewery in the NoHo Arts District – Lawless Brewing Company

Just behind Vineland, snuggling into the heart of NoHo on Cranner Avenue and Magnolia is pretty spectacular. Lawless Brewing Company They took over the building that housed an old Birns and Sawyer Inc. studio rental that I frequented. But they cleverly left it pretty much intact, with the exception of installing state-of-the-art stainless steel gigantic brewing vessels. They created a gorgeous neoclassical industrial atmosphere with a long steel bar and lots of picnic style tables in the ‘great hall’ and smaller more intimate tables along the balcony where the old office was. I got

It also has a large outdoor patio that often invites the best chefs from LA’s food trucks to the parking lot. With a good beer in one hand and a delicious snack in the other, you can’t go wrong. And this beer is really great.

I’m British so growing up beer was everywhere for me. The local pub was the neighborhood living room where everyone would gather, especially for special occasions. Birthdays, Christmas, New Years, World Cup finals…all the important things.

Lawless Brewery is like that too. They have stand-ups and bands, and lots of private events, and even a few weddings. We enjoyed many delicious beers. It was a great introduction to a stunning collection of passionately brewed hop magic.

Welcome to Lawless Brewing Co., the newest brewery in the NoHo Arts District.

They are constantly reworking their menu, always trying something new, fruity, dark, light, deep saturation of all kinds of flavors and echoes of place and memory.

These beers are expertly crafted in Germany by head brewer Josh, a master craftsman who trains, takes risks, experiments, and enjoys the chemistry and history of pale nectar.

This place has a beautiful and authentic feel to it that comes from all the dedication and creativity of the owners, crew and customers and dogs…all are welcome.

It’s like going to a church that’s a beer church. The art of it, the high ceilings, the glossy bar, the brewing vessels that sit like giant fonts, the gorgeous aromas of yeast and hops, and the gentle whispers, wows, and wows of customers as they sip softly.

Owners Ben Wallace and Whitney Wallace met brewmaster Josh McCombs and his wife Jackie Cochrane McCombs while working at the now-defunct Westlake Brewing. Ben and Josh are both from Pennsylvania, went to Penn State University at the same time, lived in the same apartment complex, and hadn’t met until they met in Los Angeles a few years later.

This lovely place was built by some very dedicated people who sipped beer, bonded, gave their dreams permission, and gave Lawless Brewing Co their kind hearts.

The “why” is always very important. It’s the foundation of a craft business like this that permeates everything. We were very lucky to get a fairly intimate tour of the brewery. I think you should sell tickets. Or at least run the lottery. It’s absolutely charming. So, I was able to see how the magic was made, so to speak. I am sure you came home with far more knowledge than when you arrived. But there was also a slight swell, a wonderful warm feeling in my heart, and the conclusion that good people make great beer.


5275 Craner Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91601


Phone: 818.308.7512


https://nohoartsdistrict.com/welcome-lawless-brewing-co/ Welcome Lawless Brewing Company – NoHo Arts District

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