Week 6 Veto Winner & Results Seal The Fate Of One Houseguest


“Big Brother” spoilers for Week 6 have revealed who won the Power of Veto. During Week 5, Cameron won the veto when Jared was the Head of Household. This week it has flipped. Cam is the HoH and Jared is the POV winner. Here’s the rundown of what’s going on in the house.

Big Brother 25 Jared Fields

Big Brother spoilers: Jared Fields won the Power of Veto

“BB25” has been a dramatic ride right from the start. The alliances have been all over the place. The friendships have come and gone, and the targets are always flipping. However, one thing that has stayed constant is that Cam has continued to be a target. The current Head of Household has found himself on the block three times thus far. However, he’s always been able to get out of it. This week as Head of Household, Cameron nominated two of Jared’s biggest allies, Izzy and Felicia. With Jared winning the Power of Veto, he had the power to take down one of those noms.

However, Jared opted not to veto either of Cam’s nominations. This left Izzy and Felicia on the block. It seems that Jared decided not to use the power so that he could keep his mother, Cirie, safe. Only Izzy knows that Jared and Cirie are mother and son. Of course, Jared continues to protect his secret. So, instead of having Cirie go up as a replacement nomination, he was forced to stand pat and lose an alliance member.

big brother izzy and felicia 2023

Who will be eliminated in Week 6?

It appears that it may be Felicia who will be eliminated in Week 6. However, the smarter move for many of the houseguests would likely be to vote Izzy out. Izzy and Cirie have been running so much of the game inside the house. Although neither has won a competition yet, their social games are elite during “Big Brother 25.”

Felicia has won one Head of Household competition. During her time in power, she decided she wanted to backdoor Hisam, sending him home in a dramatic blindside. She’s not afraid to make big moves. However, she’s not much of a threat in competitions. Izzy, on the other hand, is likely to win in the future. Of course, her strong alliance with Cirie and Jared also poses a threat to the rest of the house, as the trio are obviously in a final 3 pact.

Fans will have to tune in on Thursday to find out who gets sent home during the “Big Brother 25“ Week 6 live eviction.

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