‘Wednesday’ Breaks Netflix Records, Season 2 Confirmed

It seemed clear that Wednesday did well on Netflix, reaching #1 in nearly every country, and invading everywhere from Twitter to Tik Tok with memes and fancams inspired by the show.When Wednesday It just broke Netflix’s pretty big record and should almost secure a season 2.

netflix report that Wednesday was watched for 341.23 million hours, setting a new record for the most-watched English-language program in a single week.somehow it worked stranger things Season 4 was a well-recorded monster with 335 million hours played, building on years of fanbase building and the fact that it was the best season yet.

Of course, there is one show that absolutely cannot be won. stranger thingsnot Wednesday, not anyone. squid gamewhich holds the all-time weekly record with 571.8 million hours watched, as well as the all-time monthly record. Dahmer When stranger things could not exceed.

Wednesday have shared records with stranger things At the same time, it reached #1 in 83 countries, achieving Netflix’s most important metric: international appeal. Netflix says 50 million households watched in total Wednesday this past week.

All of this leads to a very obvious conclusion, even if Netflix hasn’t officially announced it yet. Wednesday is getting season 2. Given these numbers, there’s no question so far. Dahmer Just because that show put out such big numbers (with various serial killers), a follow-up season, more seasons Wednesday it’s simple. The only real question is whether it will be renewed for one or two seasons at a time.

Arguably the best out of all this was Jenna Ortega, who was already a burgeoning Generation Z star, but this catapulted her to new levels of fame. Wednesday Addams’ portrayal of Ortega isn’t one of those, but the one that clearly carries the show. I hope you will be late.

I believe there will be an announcement for Season 2 (or more) in the near future.And now, over the next months, we’ll have to see how that lifetime viewership aligns with rivals like Dahmer When stranger thingsbut catch squid game Probably not. Still, a big performance from here on Wednesday and another Netflix IP that’s racked up big numbers in recent months has been a promising trend for them lately.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/11/30/wednesday-shatters-netflix-record-making-season-2-a-sure-thing/ ‘Wednesday’ Breaks Netflix Records, Season 2 Confirmed

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