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Sumit Wies and Nidi Singh honestly talk about the new avatar of the permanent neighbors in the room, the problems of the audio carrier and whether their characters Tanya and Mikesh would survive together.

The Indian digital realm can now beat content like clockwork, but it has Permanent roommates a series that almost eight years ago laid the foundation for long-term content through streaming.

Created by The Viral Fever, Permanent roommates tells the story of Tanya [Nidhi Singh] and Mikesh [Sumeet Vyas]who have been in a long distance relationship for three years. When the show starts, Mikes has just returned to India from the US to make an offer to Tanya. He is on his knees with a ring in his hand, and she is not too sure of any of this. In the 2nd season, the couple finds out that she is pregnant, engaged in the “first meeting with her parents” and ends the season on a high note with the help of veteran actor Asrani in the role of grandfather Mikesh.

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The show, launched in October 2014, has become very popular – both seasons have garnered more than a million views. In 2020, the series went in a different direction and launched a one-of-a-kind audio show called Permanent roommates: he said, she said for Audible Amazon.

The third season Permanent roommates, released on February 14 and on Audible, is a prequel to the web series, and for the first time shows how Mikesh and Tanya met and fell in love. Season 3 of the audio series meets the couple after they have been in a long distance relationship, and Mikesh and Tanya realize that they are destined for a permanent future together.

In an interview with The first postactors Sumet Vyas and Nidi Singh candidly talk about the new avatar Permanent roommates, environmental issues and more.

Permanent roommates often referred to as India’s first web series. Eight years have passed since the premiere of the first season. What has been your path for you as a person and as a show?

Village: I would say that the trip was quite adventurous because it not only changed our lives as actors, but also gave a new form of entertainment. It was kind of a pioneer, and we were just lucky to be a part of it. We weren’t going to change the system or anything like that, but we were also grateful to be part of something new, experimental, and see it work. It really changed our lives forever.

SinghA: First, it’s not eight years at all. It’s just as new because the characters feel like friends. There are acquaintances in reviewing them; writing and banter are so beautiful and fun. The show is such a fun universe, and indulging in it is like watching a good old hobby. I always feel refreshed, rejuvenated and never go out tired. At that moment, as you said, eight years ago, I set out on a nostalgic journey.

In the summary of season 3, it is mentioned that Mikesh and Tanya are struggling with long distance, and recall further. What can you expect from him?

Village: [laughs] There will be a bunch of Mikesh trademarks oooochen.

SinghA: You will hear about their meeting-cute. Part of when they only saw each other, not met. And how they were in a couple at the time and that led to the relationship. It’s so weird that we’ve been with the characters for so long, but even we were wondering how it started, what actually happened. It’s very cute, going back in time, there are a lot of nice moments. Audio as a medium is as intimate as talking to someone on the phone. There is a sense of familiarity and closeness when you hear their conversation almost eavesdropping on their lives, but you are also a part of it.

Since there was no visual aid during the creation of the show, do you think it will be easier or harder to connect with the audience?

Village: I don’t know how easy or difficult it will be to connect, but I believe that audio is the most liberating medium.

Because when you’re shooting for something, visual value plays a big role. When it comes to audio, performance and script play a big role. There is no other layer before that. I don’t need to worry about my location, the light or the way I look.

Nothing is distracting as it is a very concentrated environment and all you need to do is focus on the script and I find it very enjoyable. I also listen to a lot of audiobooks, so it was easier for me to indulge in these.

Singh: Audio as a medium – folklore, story; what we have always known is that if the narrator is fascinating enough, you will continue to read, listen. Sound is what we remember, we register for the first time, we can see it badly, but we can recognize it. Audio is a very powerful tool, and to be a part of something like this and to play the role of Tanya and Mikesh, the characters that the audience has loved for so long, is just great. We let you into the private conversations of Tanya and Mikesh. Yes, I really enjoyed pronouncing my lines in absolute absence, almost feeling free at the moment.

On a lighter note, do you think Tanya and Mikesh’s relationship would have survived if they had stuck together during the blockade?

Village: I think Mikes would like to stay with Tanya during the blockade, because then she could not run away from him. Mikesh would definitely have preferred that.

Singh: It would drive her to the wall absolutely, but it would also take their relationship to the next level. It’s friction, right? Without drama there is no fun. It would be boring.

Permanent roommates Season 3 broadcast on Audible.

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“We allow you in our private conversations” – Entertainment News, Firstpost

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