Watch Teen Mom Briana DeJesus break up with Bobby Scott

Briana DeJesus I’d rather be single than feel lonely in a relationship.

In the November 29th episode Teen Mom: The Next Chapter28-year-old confirmed she broke up with boyfriend bobby scott42.

The long-distance relationship seemed to be going well, but recent episodesthe romance took a turn when Brianna asked Bobby for space, despite already living in Florida and Detroit respectively.

“I’m going to tell him I need to take some time for my mental health,” she explained to a friend. Shay“It’s hard because of the distance. For me, space means, ‘I don’t want to feel pressured to communicate 24/7 or use Facetime.’ ” I still want him to check on me.

After sending the text, Brianna didn’t hear from Bobby for three weeks before contacting him again. She then discovered he was visiting his hometown in Florida, so the mother of two decided to have a face-to-face conversation.

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