Was Raveena Tandon’s first car a used sports car? Actress shares untold anecdotes about her love of cars and food

Raveena Tandon shares untold anecdotes about her love of cars and food (Photo credit: Instagram)

If there are two activities that can be easily envisioned as “universal hobbies,” they are driving fancy vehicles and eating good food. And our beloved Bollywood celebrities haven’t been left off the list of food and drive lovers either.

car&bike recently launched a new series on YouTube called CarKhana hosted by Rannvijay Singha. In this series, we get a glimpse into the story of our beloved celebrity’s life as he enjoys his long drive and smacks his lips.

CarKhana’s first episode featured Bollywood’s eternal diva, Raveena Tandon. She’s made a steady comeback in the OTT world recently, adopting an unprecedented avatar these days.

This episode was full of untold anecdotes about the life of Raveena Tandon. For example, did you know that the sports car Lavina was driving was a used sports car? While speaking, Raveena shared that she bought her first car when she was 18 and it was second hand. sports car, and we are in awe of such information. Buying her own car with her own money when she was 18 shows just how much Raveena loves driving. Sharing her interest in automobiles, she added that she loves driving and would have become a pilot if she hadn’t been an actor.

Raveena likes rugged and big cars. She really likes driving SUVs and she would prefer SUVs to any other type of car. Believe it or not, Raveena knows what she’s saying when it comes to her car and food. As you can imagine, Raveena is pure Punjabi her kudi when it comes to food. She loves to eat dhaba style authentic punjabi food and she loves to eat colebatore. She even said her favorite restaurant in Mumbai is ‘Urban Tadka’.

Raveena Tandon even shared that her family regularly has dinner together. She loves eating homemade food, even her children, and fast food feasts are scheduled mainly on weekends. Talking more about her own children, Raveena shared the very interesting fact that each number on her car is somehow the same as her daughter’s birthday. Isn’t that just amazing!?

As the episode progresses on the busy streets of Pune, we learn that Raveena loves driving and eating. Raveena loves vegetarian food and since her husband belongs to a Sindhi family, she enjoys flavorful Sindhi food almost every Sunday. She loves both Sindhi and Punjabi food cultures and enjoys them to the fullest.

Raveena Tandon’s true love for food was seen on the show with delicious, authentic dishes. Punjabi Meals were served at tables at Karol Baug, a mini Punjabi Dhaba style restaurant in Pune. She could not control herself and enjoyed her food without any restrictions. It was a really wholesome experience.

It’s just lovely to know more about the actress you’ve been following since the start of her career. If you want to learn more about Raveena’s interest in cars and food, check out the full episode on her YouTube car&bike channel. Please look. The actress also said that she will see her in an upcoming OTT show when asked about her upcoming appearances in Bollywood.

This episode is part of a series named CarKhana brought to you by the car&bike YouTube channel.

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