Was Hema Malini’s statement on Kangana Ranaut-Rakhi Sawant’s run for election a mistake in tongue? – Entertainment News, Firstpost

Hema Malini on Kangana Ranaut Contest from Mathura

When Hema Malini was asked in her mother constituency Mathura last week what she had to say Kangana Ranaut She said sarcastically that she was disputing elections from Mathura. Leave everything to Lord Krishna.tomorrow may be RAki Sawant (who wants to run for election)

Kill two birds with one stone!incomparable Hema Malini The barbed comment took potshots at both Kangana and Sawant. I thought Kangana would soon fight back. But I think better feeling won out. She has not said a word about the incident so far.

But Rakhi Sawant had a lot to say and she, in full form in the video, thanked Modigi for taking care of the state’s affairs and his message through Hema Malini that she wanted to be a member of parliament. Thank you for letting me know your wishes.

says Raki.Aaj mai itni khush hoon. Actually the secret of the ladne wali hoon of the 2022 major elections is a secret. Yeh joh Modiji aur hamare Amit Shahji hain, woh Announce karne wale tthe… Par yeh mera saubhagya hai ki mere dil ke dream girl, meri sweetheart… Hema Malini ji… unhone Announce kar diya hai ki iss baar ke election main rad rahi hoon (I am very happy today. It was actually a secret that I would run for election. The news was supposed to be announced by Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. But my dream girl Hema Malini the news that I am running for the next election).

No, Sawant is not ironic. she is serious This isn’t the first time Hema Malini’s words have caused a traffic jam. She’s known for speaking unfiltered, and many times I’ve found myself toning down her sharp remarks to keep her out of trouble.

In 2016, when critics felt Hema Malini wasn’t spending enough time in her constituency Mathura, she lashed out in an interview, explaining: I am a wife, mother, dancer and actress. Are you expected to forget all other obligations? Yet I spend more time in Mathura than anywhere else. Still, commotion erupts as soon as filming begins. array, every Member of Parliament has other responsibilities, not just mine. Why am I being targeted? I care too much about Mathura to allow cynics and troublemakers to contact me. Some of the local media constantly question me about my intentions, motives, actions, etc.

I still don’t know what Kangana Ranaut has to say about being beaten by Hema along with Rakhi Sawant. However, her Hema, who did not want to comment on the record any further on the issue, told her friends that Mathura’s local media were provoking her to make comments.

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