Want a promotion?This career expert provides ready-to-use negotiation tips (and email templates)

Salary negotiations are scary.

But for black women, they can be downright frightening.Because of the inherent barriers that black women already face, failing to successfully earn the right paycheck is disproportionately handicapped in the long run. There is a possibility that

on average, black women earn The average white man earns 58 cents on the dollar a year, and it takes them 263 days a year to catch up.

Arika Pearce esq. She knows this struggle and is working to change it.

“My entire adulthood was a series of sink-or-swim moments,” the career strategist shared on her website. Luckily, every time I chose to swim, I had to take a lot of risks and step outside my comfort zone to be successful. has shaped my life and guided me to break down barriers I didn’t even know were possible.”

After successfully climbing her way to leadership positions in federal and government relations, she said she learned her fair share of corporate acumen. But her wisdom was at first masked by fear.

“I was thrilled to get these incredible promotions, but there was definitely a lot of what is now called imposter syndrome.” I was just scared of you, I had a lot of eyes on me, especially as a black woman, and there are people inside the company who are asking themselves why I got the position, but they don’t. So I took my own professional development very seriously I read all the books I built a network of mentors I attended conferences , worked to be a more effective communicator, had someone stretch me, present if there was an opportunity to learn different things, etc. I was really into that. came to seek advice from

After years of giving tips, Pierce realized she needed to focus solely on this skill set, so she quit her job to launch her Own Workplace and Leadership Consultant. She also compiled everything she knew into a book, I can do it. To do. Look at me. In this book, she offers practical insights on career advancement, especially how to seek and get more money.

“One of the things I think is important, especially when it comes to us Black women, is that we really have to get rid of the whole notion of keeping our heads down and working hard and the results speaking for themselves. Especially this one. “And I think that’s what a lot of us were taught. So we feel uncomfortable talking about our achievements.” We are uncomfortable with really amplifying ourselves and claiming work. You should feel comfortable saying, I provided it, I created this. And that’s the first thing. It is a change of mindset that must occur. I just said this week to someone, “If it’s true, you’re not bragging, are you?” You’re just stating a fact. So practice every day in front of the mirror so that when it’s a high-stakes conversation, it literally flows right out of your mouth. is to record Make sure you are actually recording your worth and results all the time, if not every day. Especially when you can relate them to numbers and metrics. and something of value to your organization.

One easy way to track your progress, she suggests, is to send your boss a daily status update email.

Hi, [Boss’s Name],

Email Subject – Priority tasks and projects for the week

progress and victory

  • finally [State accomplishment and its implication].
  • looks like [State progress made].

Please look forward to the next one-man meeting!

After tracking their progress, Pearce says they should reach out to take the plunge and have a promotional conversation. But first, understand what the email is trying to say. For example:

Hi [Skip-Level Boss’s First Name],

my name is [Your First Name], and I’m working.When [Your Boss’ Name] that’s why [Your Title]If possible, we would like to schedule 30 minutes to learn more about your role. [Company Name]I would love to hear more about your journey. Also, if you have any tips for my career growth, please let me know.

If you get the chance, could you please let me know your availability for the next few weeks, or would you please schedule an appointment with an assistant?

thank you very much,

[Your first name]

“I promise that sending that email will be a lot easier once you get into the habit of tracking your daily accomplishments,” Pierce shared. It’s often a priority, and I think it’s very important to take that time, even if it’s related to our careers.

https://www.essence.com/news/money-career/salary-negotiation-arika-pierce-black-women-equal-pay/ Want a promotion?This career expert provides ready-to-use negotiation tips (and email templates)

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