Viral video loses momentum as viewers fixate on background noise in Will Smith’s bathroom

Will Smith has resumed filming his new film and is documenting some of his impromptu set experiences on his social media accounts.actor who played king richard on TV began filming Welcome to Earth this month for National Geographic and Disney+.

In a new post, the actor said his travels in the Southern Hemisphere didn’t just allow him to see unique species. A video has been published. I had to go run errands in the restroom. I am currently in Ecuador. We are traveling to the Amazon. I am in Ecuador. I went to the bathroom there. I thought I would tell you about it.

He turns the camera around to show you the toilet in front of you. Apparently, it’s a toilet with all the trimmings. However, the decorative seat and tank cover make this stand out. Instead of a simple design like the rest of the throne, the lid features a panorama reminiscent of the Serengeti, complete with giraffes, elephants and a golden and burnt orange sunset.

How nice! that’s all. “I am really enjoying my time in Ecuador,” Smith continued. At the same time, a man’s anguished groan can be heard. The actor captioned the photo, “This toilet is the best.” No one bothered about the bathroom in the comments. They were all about audio.

And what is that sound at the end? That was a little scary… @willsmith Don’t pretend you didn’t notice the guy pushing at you frantically anymore, one of his contributors pointed out that “someone is fighting for their lives in the background.” did.

https://celebrityinsider.org/when-viewers-fixate-on-the-background-noise-of-will-smiths-bathroom-the-momentum-of-the-viral-video-is-derailed-533176/ Viral video loses momentum as viewers fixate on background noise in Will Smith’s bathroom

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