Varun Dhawan is not in the Karan Johar cast

While the latest episode did a deep dive and managed to elicit an unheard-of confession from the actor, fans should know how Varun felt after Karan Johar didn’t cast him in his latest project. I was stunned.

Varun Dhawan in Coffee with Karan

A hot new episode that candidly brings fans one step closer to the secrets of their favorite celebrities karan season 7 coffee Finally it comes. Turning the conversation into something steamy, spicy, and sizzling, the coffee couch witnessed an energetic costar. Jugjug Jiyo Anil Kapoor When Varun Dhawan In the 11th episode.While the latest episode was able to dig deep and elicit an unprecedented confession from the actor, fans were certainly stunned to learn how Varun felt afterward. Karan Johar We didn’t cast him in any of his recent projects. When asked about his feelings about the actor not being cast in his recent film, Varun quickly made it clear.

A little post-launch background Aria Butt Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra completed his Student of the Year, KJo always stood with them as a mentor. Since their debut, Karan and Varun have collaborated on projects one after another. Jugjug Jiyo Marking their first project together after a fiasco CalanquesBut it’s been almost half a year since Karan Johar put on his director’s hat again and sat in the filmmaker’s chair alongside stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt. Rocky Owl Rani Ki Prem Kahani. So when, during a conversation on the latest episode of the celebrity chat show, Karan asked Varun how he felt when the filmmaker signed Ranveer Singh for his film?

Asking himself, Varun says: Couldn’t I have created a suitable work or image as an actor so that Karan would consider me in his films?” He added that sometimes he thinks too. I will never be jealous of your choice or lose. We see it as an opportunity to analyze where we can improve. “

Upcoming Projects of Varun Dhawan

On the work front, meanwhile, Varun will soon be seen in Amar Kaushik’s horror-comedy Bediyah Featuring Kriti Sanon.The actor even has a jam-packed pipeline with projects like Bawal When Sanki.

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