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Prime Video, India’s most beloved entertainment hub, has announced Varun Dhawan, one of India’s funniest actors, a huge Prime Video fan and close friend, as the first Prime Bae. As #PrimeBae, Varun Dhawan Not only will you be the first to receive all news and updates about upcoming Prime Video projects (‘Before Everyone Else’), but millions of Prime Video fans will be the first to get it (‘Before Everyone Else’). To know them too! In addition, audiences are treated to his Varun’s personal and one-of-a-kind style as he reveals the scoop on a variety of topics, from “Where Will Srikant Tiwari Go” to “Where Next?” increase. Right down to ‘What will happen to Munna Bhaiyya?

Prime Bae is an important step in Prime Video’s aim to build a more personal and deeper relationship with its audience by delighting fans who are always on the lookout for updates on their favorite Amazon Originals & Exclusives. Prime Bae allows the brand to create a humorous and tongue-in-cheek connection with its audience through Varun Dhawan, not only an established movie star but also known and admired for her down-to-earth and friendly persona. We aim to establish As Prime Bae, Varun brings his off-screen personality, style, humor, and love for Prime Video’s content, building fun-loving pipes between brands and customers, and everything Prime Video does before anyone else. Delights fans who want to know all about If I do not.

About his new role as Prime Bay, Varun Dhawan said: Getting andar ki khabar before everyone else in any of Prime Video’s upcoming series and movies is an almost impossible task. However, as a huge fan of Prime Video, we have accepted the challenge to reveal all the latest news from all the great series and movies that are in production on Prime Video and share this information with fans and content lovers around the world. . First of all, I can confidently say that the first Mazedar announcement, which I will be doing as #PrimeBae on Prime Video next week, will absolutely delight you. I have the scoop on it all, so stay tuned.

“Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with our customers. Today, our customers trust us as a trusted friend who encourages, inspires, motivates, and always A go-to for entertaining.” SVOD Business, Prime Video, India. “Our customers love and appreciate us in their enthusiasm and curiosity to learn more about upcoming shows and movies. We aim to build a strong community, understand them better, and allow them to experience the inner world of Prime Video.Our shows and movies entertain and immerse our viewers in their world. Why shouldn’t the latest news about them also entertain them?A great way to start your Prime Beh journey with one of India’s favorite actors, Varun Dhawan. No. His humor and style should make this an interesting ride.To be honest, I’m not sure what details Prime Bae will share next.Get on the ship and see where it goes. Let’s!”

Varun’s mission to become #PrimeBae began when his friends started badgering him for the latest scoops on upcoming shows and movies on Prime Video.

Vowing to gain access to these secrets, Varun has tried the easy way, expected to fail, using his lovely and lovable personality to gain access to Prime Video’s top-secret information about upcoming series and movies. was forced to

Prime Video has released three films to date, each playing on Prime Video and Varun Dhawan’s digital and social media platforms.

Vasan Bala, Indian filmmaker, screenwriter and director of the film said: Prime Bae’s concept leverages this insight, inviting viewers to be part of his Prime Video universe alongside one of his favorite actors, Varun Dhawan. Always a friend of the audience, his charming and lovable personality comes to life in the film, while his natural humor and energy enhance the concept, which is inherently unique. Imagine keeping up to date on movies and series! Really fun and interesting. “

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https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/varun-dhawan-becomes-the-first-prime-bae-and-has-some-exciting-scoop-for-fans-11338841.html Varun Dhawan becomes the first Prime Bae. We Have An Exciting Scoop For Fans – Entertainment News, Firstpost

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