Varun Dhawan and Dwayne Johnson’s Twitter Chat Wins The Internet

Dwayne Johnson and Varun Dhawan

bollywood actors Varun Dhawan Former WWE wrestler and Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson is an avid fan, and there is no denying it. There are several instances where Varun has enthusiastically expressed his admiration for Hollywood actors on his media.from the video share of dwayne johnson To interact with him on social media, Varun has never hesitated to publicly show his love for The Rock. Bediyah The actor while expressing excitement for Dwayne Johnson’s next film black adam took me to Twitter. Well this was not. Varun’s tweet caught the attention of a Hollywood actor and he replied!

It’s a fan moment. Notably, after the wrestler-turned-actor took to Twitter to thank his Indian fans for their love of him and his upcoming film, there was a short and sweet Twitter exchange between the two actors. “Thank you India. Thank you for all your Black Adam love (and for years to come). Book your tickets now, this is a true theatrical experience. So glad you made it! Love it back and enjoy the movie,” his tweet read.

Retweeting the same, Varun further shared his own excitement, writing, “Go see my hero finally back on the big screen.” added that the film took 15 years to complete and asked to see the film.

“DJ & VD – 25 years of production one day……. Finally…………” Varun tweeted.

The brief chat also surprised some fans, prompting them to head over to the comments section and share their thoughts. I’d love to see the two of them in a comedy movie with VD taking their place.I’m not suggesting that Kevin will be replaced from Dwayne’s Hart…well, just for the movie.At least one.What a fan you say???”

Another commented, “OMG! Varun Dhawan, your hero has responded. How lucky are you? Congrats.”

Especially after years of making it, DC’s black adam is scheduled for a worldwide grand release on October 21, 2022. Besides Johnson, the film also stars Noah Centineo, Pierce Brosnan, Quintessa Swindell, Aldis Hodge, Sarah Shahi, and other actors.

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