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A vanity phone number is a toll-free number where a subscriber requests a specific set of numbers to spell out a word or phrase for marketing purposes.

Starting a new business is an exciting venture and a lot of time is spent trying to find the perfect trade nameA unique business name is easy to remember, but so is a customized phone number.

A vanity phone number is a great way to market your business. Many businesses are already aware of this marketing tool and have created dedicated phone numbers that are easy for their customers to remember.

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Advantages of vanity phone numbers

  1. Memory

Research shows that 60% of customers prefer to contact businesses by phone. A vanity phone number with a specific sequence of spelling words is much easier to remember than a bunch of random numbers.

For example, the phone number for a business that sells flowers is 1-800-FLOWERS. Customers remember numbers even if they’ve never used a particular business before. This can mean more potential customers for your business.

  1. increase in sales

When a customer needs service urgently, it’s much easier to dial an easy-to-remember number than to look it up online. This can mean increased sales and customer engagement for your business. A major benefit that vanity phone numbers can offer is to facilitate increased sales.

  1. brand awareness

Brand awareness is a marketing term used to describe the recognition of a brand by its name. Creating a unique phone number helps bring customers closer to your brand. Choosing a number that describes the service your business offers can attract customers without knowing your business name.

A well-thought-out vanity phone number will become synonymous with your business and increase brand awareness among your customers. It can communicate what your brand stands for and express your business values. Many nonprofits use vanity phone numbers for fundraising. When using a number such as 1-800-DONATE, most people who call know that the purpose is to donate to a cause.

  1. convey professionalism

Having a vanity phone number for your business creates a sense of professionalism. Companies that are dedicated to serving their customers and making communication as easy as possible with easy-to-remember numbers appear more trustworthy.

Vanity numbers are toll-free and work with most VoIP services, so anyone can contact your business. Customers don’t have to worry about phone bills or technical issues. Therefore, vanity phone numbers offer flexibility that is important for growing businesses.

  1. return on investment

Companies using smart vanity phone numbers have been shown to increase customer engagement by 25% to 50%. Additionally, inland calls have been found to increase revenue 10x faster than web leads. This means that more phones can lead to more sales.

A vanity phone number is one of the best tools for increasing your return on investment. Sales reps can turn increased customer calls into potential sales. It can also help grow your business’ customer footprint and grow your market share by leaving a lasting impression on your target market.

  1. additional marketing

Many businesses use online marketing tools such as social media to make their customers aware of their brand. Businesses can print vanity phone numbers on vehicles that may pass thousands of customers per day.

If the number is well thought out and conveys the services of the business, people passing by the vehicle will remember seeing the number when the need for service arises.

final thoughts

There are many benefits for businesses to have a vanity phone number. They are easy to purchase and the vanity phone number generator will help you find availability. Businesses with vanity phone numbers attract more calls from customers because of the ease of remembering numbers.People are often better at remembering words than numbers.

https://nohoartsdistrict.com/vanity-phone-numbers-for-businesses-and-their-advantages/ Vanity Phone Numbers for Business and Their Benefits – NoHo Arts District

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